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Turn About
Stark watched as the Sheriff entered his lab. He saw the Sheriff turn red then white and practically sprinted away. Nathan Stark was not amused, not at all.

Obviously it was some sort of joke at his expense as it was so many other times. It was infuriating that a man with an IQ of only 111 could get such a rise out of him. He shrugged it off and went back to his experiment.

He ented Cafe Diem a tad grimy, but in triumph. The plasma had reacted well and with less backspray than expected. He sat down and ordered a scotch on the rocks and Vincent's special in celebration.

"Ah, now i see what's gotten my brother so jumpy", said a voice behind him.

It sounded familiar but he couldn't quite place it. He turned to see Lexy Carter with the bulge of pregnancy giving an amused look.

"and how do i make out good sheriff so very jumpy today", he asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Well, my brother likes his women short, sassy, and curvy and his men tall, dark, and nerdy", she said with a chuckle, "It must have scared the crap out of him to see you look like that."

Nathan looked down at his old cargo pants and t-shirt.

"I was doing a messy experiment that i didn't want to get all over one of my suits. These are just some old things from college", he siad, toying with the edge of his shirt.

"Old tattered cargo pants, beat up converse, and a shirt proclaiming what would spock do is pretty nerdy, but add the glasses and you're perfect", she said, her grin growing even wider.

"these are a recent invention of mine", he said, adjusting his glasses, "and i hardly think sheriff carter would find me attractive."

Lexy opened her purse and pulled out a tablet and tapped on it for a few moments. Then she handed it to him. It was a folder labeled Jack-College Years. He opened it and flipped through. He was suprised, there were several different pictures in various stages of entaglement with several very nerdy looking guys. Some of them he even recognized, though none of them worked in Eureka.

"that's Dr. Charles Jendar, he's a world famous organic cemist", he said pointing to a photo.

"Like i said, tall, dark, and nerdy. And right now you fit it perfectly. He was probably already attracted to you, but this must have slammed him in the face to see you like that", she said, "and now i have to go tease him about it relentlessly.

Lexy left, gloating, and Nathan Stark thought very, very hard. He'd never really thought of Sheriff Carter as interested in guys. He was the quinessential straight, white male. And Nathan knew he'd be lying to himself if he said that he'd never not noticed how well the Sheriff filled out his uniform. Besides, who could resist a man in uniform?

But it had just been admiration, since anything else was really impossible. And he'd never even imagined that Carter would be attracted to him. But knowing what he did opened up doors he'd never knew existed. And now that he thought about it, many of the arguments they'd had were filled with subtle flirting behind the insults.

And the man was loyal, hardworking, obviously caring, and very attractive. He could do much worse. And he had boxes of clothes from college. He certainly didn't need to wear his suits now that he was just a researcher. Nathan Stark made up his mind right then and there, he would get jack Carter. He was fun to argue with anyways.

Jack walked into the lab to see one of the most amazing things ever. Nathan Stark dressed like a college nerd. He flushed red and then realized who he was drooling over. He turned white and rushed from the room. Allison could tell Stark about Fargo's latest screw up.

He drove straight to Cafe Diem and ordered an extra large Vinspresso with whipped cream. He drained it and ignored how it scalded his tongue as it went down. He felt immeadiatly better.

"wow, i haven't seen him do that in years, he only does that when he's really, really flustered", said Lexy, "The last time i saw him do that was the day he met his ex-wife."

jack glared at his sister and ordered another vinspresso for the road. Fortunetly, there were no impending disasters when he arrived at the office. He sipped this vinspresso slowly while he filled out the huge back log of paperwork, He'd thought the Mashall Service had too much paperwork, but they had nothing on Eureka.

They had forms you filled out when a mutated animal attacked, for things involving spiders, and a form for large carnivourous plants. He began to feel better until Lexy entered with a huge grin on her face.

"I figured out what got you so flustered", she said proudly, "I saw Nathan Stark in Cafe Diem. He looks good in glasses, doesn't he?"

Jo's head popped up at the sound of that.

"what's all that about, Lexy", she asked his sister curiously.

"As i always say, Jack likes his women short, sassy, and curvy, and his men tall dark and nerdy. And Nathan Stark was looking very tall, dark, and nerdy today", said Lexy, practically crowing.

Jack groaned and let his head fall to his desk with a thud. He should have never sent Lexy any pictures of him from college, ever. Nerver ever ever. He looked up and was scared by the interest in his deputy's eyes.

"Well, that's very interesting", said Jo, "I had no idea you were"

Both women grinned and he groaned. This was not good, not good at all. He needed to avoid Stark.

Unfortunetly, this was impossible since the next day disaster struck. While clones are indeed cool in science fiction, they are not so cool when you are the one that had to contain them. Especially when they are clones of a certain Douglas Fargo.

Naked clones of Douglas Fargo. And Jack had to team up with stark to defeat them. And Stark was very distracting. He wished that the scientist would go back to his suits and ties. Because Nathan stark in ripped baggy jeans and a rumpled plaid shirt was very, very distracting.

He fled as soon as the last clone was contained, trying to preserve dignity and sanity, for he feared he was losing both.

Nathan watched as the Sheriff fled in amusement. Jack carter had never been very good at lying, and he was an open book emoitionally once you started to pay attention.

All during the Fargo clone incident (FCI) Carted had been taking glances at him. Admiring glances. Admiring glances that made his ego sing with delight. He just needed to corner the skittish Sheriff and kiss the man into oblivion. Which sounded fun; maybe he could take the rest of the day off and do just that.

He's tracked his down to his house, and S.A.R.A.H. Let him quietly. Jack watched him form the couch suspiciously. A football game was playing on the tv, and a beer and a box of pizza was on the end table.

"you've been avoiding me", he said tartly, "and i know why."

Jack froze, pizza dangling from his fingers.

"I had a little chat with your sister about your college years. But really Jack, Dr.Jendar" He's a totaly ass", said Nathan with a sigh.

"charlie isn't nearly so bad outside of a laboratory, which i'm betting you've never seen him out of", Jakc seemed to say automatically, then gave nathan a skeptical look, "You don't seem terribly upset by this revelation."

Nathan sat down on the couch, close to where Jack was perched.

"I'm not repulsed by the idea. I must admit that I'd have gone after you if I'd thought you were even vaguely interested in me", said Nathan as he slid closer.

Jack scooted back a bit, eyes wide with shock.

"what about Allison? The Person you asked to marry you? Again?", questioned Jack.

"she said no months ago", said Nathan, cupping Jack's chin with a hand, "and i managed to get over it."

then he kissed him, a short but passion enflamed kiss meant to show the Sheriff exactly what he meant.

Nathan Stark was kissing him. Him. On his couch. His brain wanndered off until nathan pulled away from the kiss.

"See what i mean, Sheriff", said Stark, voice just a touch deeper, "I'm quite serious about this."

And then they were kissing agian and he couldn't help but to kiss back. It grew longer, deeper, until Jack found himself on his back on the couch.

"We should either find a bed or quit now, because if we go past kissing I'm not going to stop", said the man on top of him.

"Upstairs", said Jack, trying to keep his voice normal.

Nathan was quicly on his feet pulling jack behind him. They raced up the stairs and jack shut and locked the door. Nathan yanked him and kissed him agian. This one had a sense of purpose. Nimble fingers crept up his shirt, caressing the skin beneath.

Then jack was being pushed on his back onto the bed. Stark had shifted attention th the Sheriff's chest and was unbuttoning his shirt. Then he was pushing up his undershirt and went immeadiatly for the newly bare skin. He scraped his teeth lightly along his stomach and dipped a tongue into Jack's navel. Jack squeaked then moaned and Nathan couldn't help but to chuckle.

"we'll see how you react when i do that", he said with a grumble as Nathan started to pull Jack's shirts off.

Jack went for the flannel and pulled it off and the t-shirt underneath. His hands were drawn almost magnetically to the scientist's lean chest and he explored. Nathan had not stayed passive. He drew closer to Jack and left wet kisses all along Jakc's neck. He bit lightly on one earlobe as Nathan slowly went down.

Then he pushed Nathan over and quickly straddled him. Before the man could react he kissed him, going for his belt buckle. He pulled back and started to slowly inch downward, pausing to press kisses to skin. When he reached pants and the end of Nathan's patience he paused. The man groaned in frustration and Jack's fingers played with the edge of his boxers.

"God Damn it, Jack. If you don't do something then i will", he said in frustration.

"So impatient", admonished Jack, tsking.

But he popped the button of Nathan's jeans and with Nathan's help pulled them and the boxer's off. Then he was back to kissing, though it was obviously not where Nathan wanted him to as evidenced by his curses.

Jack. Was. Driving. Him. Insane.

He was biting the inside of his thigh but he obviously wasn't going anywhere quick. Then, finally, he had rached his cock. The man seemed to enjoy taking his time and driving Nathan crazy. He licked long stripes at the base and then sucked one of his balls into his mouth.

The resulting thrust and embarrassingly loud moan caused Jack to chuckle which caused nore thrusting and moaning. Then he took the head into his mouth and slowly started to go down, sucking as hard as he could. When he'd gotten as much as he could into his mouth he suddenly plunged down, taking him down as far as he could.

Nathan cursed and squirmed, trying to thrust into his mouth. He was on his back though, and didn't really have much leverage. Jack chuckled agian, which felt amazing. Then he was bobbing his head up and down, slowly increasing the pace.

Nathan could feel an orgasm creeping up his lower spine. He tried to warn Jack but all that would come out was something that sounded like a mixture of several curse words and Jack's name, and then he came.

Jack could feel Nathan coming undone under him, and enjoyed it. When it was all over he slid back up the scientist's body for a long kiss.

"It seems like you have a little problem, Jack, maybe i should take care of it for you", said stark with a lavicious grin.

"And maybe you should hurry up", said Jack with a pointed look at his cock.

Nathan kissed him agian and said, "just remember, turn about's fair play."

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Stark is very sexy fullstop but I also dig the geek look big time. Also love the girls teasing Jack. So funny!

Hot stuff. Jack with a nerd-kink and Nathan exploiting it shamelessly. Must be really really hard for Jack to concentrate in a town like Eureka.^^ Luckily not many are tall, dark and nerdy at the same time or Nathan would have to beat them all off with a bat...

I'm not sure how I missed this (other than I must have been a moron not to notice) and over a month ago, I am so sorry! But oh my god this is awesome!!! Thank you so much!

This was lots of fun, and very hot at the end...was this picture your inspiration, perhaps?

I have to admit, I would have liked it more without the spelling/grammar/punctuation errors. If you'd like someone to beta your next fic, let me know.

(edited for html fail)

Edited at 2009-12-24 04:37 pm (UTC)

Awesome! And I too am a fan of the nerd look. I bet Stark would look super hot like that! Thanks! (sorry for the late comment)

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