The Washer Lair

of Nano Knight and The Ninja

Tempus Chapter 6
He walked into his lab totally refreshed. He was glad that he'd listened to Allison. That's when he noticed the white boards. Five large white boards, lined up in his lab. There was a note attached to the closested one.

Sometimes you need to see the bigger picture. Thought this might help.
-Nathan Stark

Jack felt resentful, now that he was a scientist it was ok to befriend him. When he was sheriff it wasn't ok, but now that he was practically a celebrity it was. At least the white boards would be useful. He opened a marker and started to write his newest formula.

Nathan wasn't sure how exactly to approach zoe without seeming totally strange and creepy. Several minutes of deep thought provided him with the answer. The upcoming Tesla science that was being hosted by GD. Each student was paired up with a scientist. If he pulled a few strings he could be paired with zoe.

It would allow them to forge a friendship and give him an excuse to see and talk to Jack. It was brilliant. He picked up his phone to make a few calls.

Jack heard a knock on his door. He turned to see Jo striding in through the door.

"You're the last person i ever expected to be a scientist in disguise", she said with a grin, "and they've decided to make me the new sheriff. You should have seen the look on Taggart's face when he heard that news."

"I'm glad, you'll actually be able to keep most of these idiots in line. Maybe not Fargo, but everybody else", he said relieved to see her happy as opposed to murderous.

They chatted for a few moments and then she left, a bounce in her steps.

"Ok class. Each of you has been notified as to who your advisor is and where you will be working with them. You'll al lbe meeting up in the GD lobby tommorow at 9am. Don't be late", said the teacher to the class.

Zoe cursed silently to herself. She had forgotten to check exactly who her advisor was. She grabbed her tablet and signed in scrolling through her e-mails. She started in surprise. Her advisor was the Director of GD, Nathan stark. She shrugged, sometimes things were really strange in this town.

Nathan stark felt confident. All he had to do was get to know Zoe. That should be fun and easy. According to her file she was smart enough to do quite well in Eureka. She was also quite good at physics, which was his favorite. He saw her approaching and smiled warmly. She gave him a funny look, but walked over.

"Hello Zoe, it's a nice suprise to be partnered with you. According to your file you seem like a bright girl, and according to Allison, very sweet", he said, trying to smile some more.

She looked at him as though he was an alien from outer space, the kind covered in slime with ten eyes. He tried to smile more; it was starting to hurt.

"Uh, Dr. Stark, are you ok? You look like you're in pain", said Zoe, a concerned look on her face.

He dropped his smile, that obviously wasn't working. Guess he had to make her like snarky, abrasive Stark.

"Sorry, I'm not use to having anybody but Fargo tail me in a while. I was trying to make you more comfortable. Lets go get to work", he said, business face sliding back on.

She sniggered. He turned to walk to his lab space, perhaps they could find friendship through science.

"So he runs into the middle of my class yelling something about mutant gerbils! He stops, looks around, and then realizes there are none in the classroom. Then he leaves quietly. Anyways, turns out there really were mutant gerbils in the next room over", she said as Nathan laughed.

"I can just imagine you father doing that. Gun drawn and a serious look on his face as he came to defeat the mutant gerbils", he said, still chuckling.

He really did like spending time with Zoe, she told the best stories. And she had a magic touch with generators, he wondered if Jack knew.

"Well, i had better get home. Dad's probably getting worried", she said, starting to put together her things.

"I'll call ahead, let him know you're on your way", said Nathan, pulling out his cell, "And tell him you were working very hard on your science project."

She thanked him as he dialed and went for the door. S.A.R.A.H answered the phone.

"Hello? May i ask who's calling", asked the smart house.

"This is Nathan Stark. Please let Dr. Tempus know that Zoe is on her way home. We got caught up in the project, took and hour longer then i had planned. Please let him know", he said.

"I will, thank you. He was beginning to worry", said S.A.R.A.H., "Well, goodbye Dr. Stark."

He bid the house goodbye and tucked his phone back into his suit jacket. He looked over the progress that he and Zoe had made. She had good, sound theories and would make a good scientist in the future.

"I figured it out", he yelled at his empty lab space, "Of course, it's so obvious!"

He started gathering supplies and packing up his notes, he needed to call Henry.

"This is brilliant, Jack, I never would have thought of it", said henry, "But wait, wouldn't this need a working model of your experiment? We don't have one of those, and they're still at the theoretical stage anyways."

"You don't. But i do. It's in San Fransisco, i'm having it shipped here. Should be here in an hour", siad Jack.

Henry just stared blankly at him.

"You've already built a machine that can re arrange matter? That's impossible. No one has been able to figure out how to control that type of concentrated energy", he said, looking awed and skeptical.

"what do you think i did in my spare time? Twiddle my thumbs", he said with a grin, "It's been done for about two years now."

"You've had it for two years?! I never heard about it. And that is something i always hear about, Jack", said Henry with a frown.

"And if this latest disaster hadn't happened you never would have. It's dangerous, henry, and not something i would turn over to the government lightly. It's also heavily safeguarded; i know that someone will try to crack it open or steal it. It has the potential to be a great gift, or a terrible weapon", said jack, looking troubled.

Henry said nothing, but he put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Tempus Chapter 5
"that doesn't sound like a little problem", said Allison, eyeing her ex-husband.

She had walked to his office after a very particular phone conversation.

"I know. I don't know what to do, he hates me, Ali. He hates me because it was easier to make him hate me then to just be his friend. He's a nice person, and i'm...not", said Nathan, looking lost and confused.

It was a strange look on him, one she'd only ever seen once before, when she's broken things off with him.

"Well, you're going to have to befriend him first. Talk science with him, have a drink with him, or something like that. Actually, i'd start with Zowie, she's the most important thing in his life. Get her to like you and you to like her and he'll have to rethink his opinion of you. And stop flirting with me", she said, " That's not helping you any."

"So, show and interest in things he likes, make friends with his daughter, and stop flirting with my ex-wife", he said, "I can do that."

Jack glared at his notebook of numbers. He'd been staring at them for hours and they were starting to swim and dance. He rubbed his eyes and contemplated finding another cup of coffee.

"You need to get some rest, i know for a fact that you haven't slept in at least two days", said a feminine voice behind him.

He turned to see allison standing at his doorway, and she didn't look pleased.

"If i don't figure out how to fix this, and soon, the entire universe will cease to exist", said Jack, trying to express the importance of existance.

"And if you collapse or make a mistake then it'll happen anyways", said Allison, "I'm driving you to the bunker. You're going to have a full nights sleep, some real food, and actually see you daughter."

She glared at him in frustration as he went back to his numbers.

"Jack! I'm being serious, I'm having you kicked out for twenty four hours. Leave before i call security", she said, her voice icy cold.

Jack glared at her but slowly got up and went for the door. The ride home with Allison had him dozing off several times. When he got to the Bunker he greeted S.A.R.A.H and passed out on the couch and didn't wake up till ten hours later.

He was greeted by a grinning zoe when he awoke.

"You'll never believe it! The Heather's were so jealous when they found out that my father was Dr. Daniel Tempus. The whole town is talking about you, it's hilarious", she babbled, "Though Vincent's pretty mad at you about all those Nobel Peace Prize's that you've turned down.

Next time he sees you he's probably going to yell at you, then worship the ground you walk on. I guess he's a huge fan of your work. So is most of the community. You're like a scientific celebrity."

Jack groaned and tried to roll over, he did not want to be a celebrity, he wanted his old job back.

Even if his new job was really, really awesome. And he was getting a lab assistant. And he got almost unlimited spending for lab equipment. Ok, so maybe it wasn't all bad. He still didn't want to be a celebrity.

He wanted a Vinspresso and to get away from his nagging house, but he was borderline scared of going into Cafe Diem. But avoiding it was probably worse.

Luckily, Henry had delivered his new car so he wasn't stuck bumming rides off of allison. He was also looking forward to talking engines with Henry in his garage later in the afternoon. But first he had to bite the bullet and brave cafe diem.

A vinspresso and a burger with fries, that sounded really good right about now.

He pulled up in front of the Cafe and got out. He opened the door quietly. No one noticed him at first, which he was thankful for, until he got to the counter and took a seat.

"You! The most brilliant man in the world alive, posing as our own sheriff, Dr. Daniel Tempus. And you cna't accept one of the greastest honors in the world!", said vincent, looking angry, "Your paper on theorical fission changed the entire scientific community, and you couldn't even take a little credit for it! Do you know how rude it is to say no to the Nobel Peace prize?"

"I was undercover. Witness Protection Program. It was dangerous for me, and if I had shown up i would have been killed. I like my life more than i like a trophy on my wall, vincent", said jack somberly, "I can never go into the public eye again, especially as Daniel Tempus. The only reason i came out of hiding was becuase i was the only one who could stop the current disaster from totally destroying the universe."

this shut vincent up, and the rest of cafe diem.

"i'm sorry to hear that", said vincent, "but what do i call you now? Daniel? Danny?"

"Everyone has always called me by my middle name, which is Jack. So I guess you'll have to call me Jack", he said smiling at Vincent, glad that the confrontation was over and done with.

"So, how about a Vinspresso and a burger with some fries, Vince", asked jack.

"Even as a brilliant scientist, you have no taste", siad Vincent, "surely you'd like to try some of today's special? White truffle rissoto, lamb in a honey glaze, and braised asperagus?"

"No thanks, vincent. I'm the same guy as before, just a little bit more well know", he said, grinning even more.

Vincent shook his head but went and filled the order, some things really never did change.

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I have no internet except for the library so i won't be able to post any of my stories for a while, but i'll be writing so when i get back i'll have a whole bunch of new chapters!!!

I have, to my horror, writer's block!!! It has taken my soul and scrunched it up into little bits....... then more little bits...... Then i discovered Transformer's Slash and i think something in my brain broke..... But i like the fics where Sam turns into a robot, those are really kind of cool...... but still, broken......

What Kind of Superhero Would You Be?
You Would Be a Crafty Superhero
You are naturally curious and even a bit of a snoop. You like to have dirt on everyone - both enemies and friends.

You get bored easily and need excitement in your life. You like having problems to solve.

Through lots of life experience, you understand the world well. You can often predict what people will do before they even think of doing it.

You are a shapeshifter who fits in with almost any group. You can get along with anyone. You're quite flexible.

You are a true philosopher. You are thirsty for wisdom. You are trying to figure out the meaning of life.

Tempus-Chapter 4
Nathan watched curiously as Jack furiously scribbled in a notebook, unaware of his presence. It was so alien to see this side of him. This was the man who knew nothing of science, and it was oddly attractive to see the former sheriff bustling around like any other GD employee.

He seemed somehow more at ease, happier, in his new surroundings. It was kind of nice. He shook his head at the thought. What he didn't need was to develop a crush on someone just because he knew they were a brilliant scientist, though, he thought as he studied him, he was very nice to look at too.

He mentally hit himself, this way of thinking would only get him into more trouble, he had been a bad enough distraction as a sheriff, but this was just painful.

"Of Course! If I just invert the ratio….", he said excitedly to himself and resumed scribbling.

It was maddeningly adorable. When I put a hand on his shoulder to alert him to my presence he nearly squeaked in surprise.

He turned around and I saw him for the first time, full profile, in jeans and a soft cotton tee shirt, a new lab coat over that. It was even better then him in a bathrobe, and that image had been worth being locked inside killer S.A.R.A.H. to see.

"So, a scientist? You couldn't even act vaguely aware of what was going on in these labs?", asked Nathan, sarcastic, he felt hurt that he hadn't been told beforehand that the town sheriff was actually an uber genius.

"Part of my cover", said Jack flippantly, then he went back to his page of numbers.

Then taking his notebook with him he began to insert numbers into a nearby computer, ignoring Stark as if he wasn't even there. Then he swore at the computer screen and went back to scribbling in his notebook. Then he threw down the notebook in frustration and walked out the door, leaving a confused director in his wake.

Nathan sulked for the rest of the day, and he kept yelling at Fargo whenever they got near his lab. That made his day almost not bad, thought Jack with a grin. He didn't know why he was sulking, but it meant that he wasn't bothering him.

Henry had promised to come and take a look at his numbers as well, which made him feel a little better. It was nice to know that the man was still a friend, though he was scared to think of the reactions of the rest of the town. He dreaded going into town, or god forbid, Café Diem.

He could already imagine the rumors going around about him, the things they would say. So he planned to split his time in between the Bunker and his lab and try to avoid as many people as possible.

He finally gave up on his notes and decided to get some sleep, he just hoped that people wouldn't bug him at home. He could always get S.A.R.A.H. to zap them he supposed.

God's Son- Chapter 1
Fisk and I had set up camp in a clearing when we heard the voices.

"Gods above Eric! You couldn't have gotten us some horses?" The speaker sounded about my age and in pain.

"No Cal, I couldn't have gotten us some horses because every horse for a league around already had owners they were quite happy with!" The second voice sounded the same age but there was no trace of pain underlying the irritation in his voice.

"Hmph." There was a pause. "Are we almost there at least?" Hope shaded his tone.

"Yeah…"The other voice went vague. "Oop. We're within earshot right now."

This was enough to spur Fisk into instant action and we both began saddling our horses. Actually, 'twould be more accurate to say we attempted to begin saddling our horses. They were having none of it. Fisk was cursing rather creatively as he struggled with Tipple while I was attempting to reason with Chant, as the voices rode into our clearing on the backs of two buck deer. While this 'twas odd in and of itself, even odder was the reaction of the horses and Wheezer. They charged the blonde one like he 'twas their long lost brother.

"Hi there!" His voice was warm as he slid from the deer's back and knelt to pet Wheezer, who immediately rolled over to have his belly scratched. Tipple snuck up behind the boy and shoved him hard with her nose for attention and he willing turned to shower praises upon her. "Aren't you a pretty girl? Are you having a good time?" He blew lightly into her nostrils before turning to Chant who had been standing patiently. "Hey there old man." This time instead of showering affection the boy moved to Chants bad leg, running his hands up and down it. "Ah, you should have let them pasture you lad."

I prickled at that, but before I could say anything the boys companion spoke up. "Lovely Eric. I'm glad you're making friends, but do you suppose you could focus on why we're here for all of five seconds?" His voice was acidic.

"Not until I'm done here." His voice was vague and I gulped, for I could see the pale light of magica start to gather around his hands and sink into Chants leg. "Poor man was lame, and too much pride to go to pasture." He stood up slowly and petted Chants neck. "There now, is that better?" Chant whuffed into his hair.

"What was that?" I was proud that my voice stayed rather even. He had just done magic and he was obviously not a simple one. Could there be others like Lady Ceciel?

"I just fixed your horses leg. What did it look like?" He looked honestly confused. That 'twas only fair as I was rapidly growing more confused myself.

"Wait. You what?" Fisk spoke up now and I remembered that he wouldn't have seen what the boy had done.

"I fixed the horses leg." He spoke very slowly, like he suspected we weren't all that bright. "So it can walk good again." Fisk and I both glared at him for that.

"Stop that Eric. We're here to make friends, remember?" The blonde boy glared and Eric stuck out his tongue.

"I was making friends Cal. You told me to stop, remember?"Eric smirked at Cal who continued glaring.

"Who the hell are you people?" Fisk snapped, his slender patience exhausted. They both smirked like he had just told a bad joke.

"Introductions, right. I can handle that."Eric spoke first. "I'm Eric and this is-" Cal had dismounted by now and he slapped a hand across Eric's mouth before he could continue.

"Cal. Everyone calls me Cal." He shot a glare at Eric who smirked around the hand. Cal waited a moment longer before removing his hand.

"You know, a plant person should really be less impulsive. Your people live longer than mine you know." Eric said.

"I know that better than you!" Cal took a deep breath. "Hate traveling", he muttered, walking over to a nearby tree and leaning against it.

While 'tis well known that close friends speak in a code impenetrable to outsiders I suspected that these two were incomprehensible even after associating with them for a while. All the animals in the clearing had surrounded Eric and more were creeping out of the woods while every plant in the clearing leaned towards Cal as to the sun.

"What are you?" I asked quietly.

"Very good question", Eric smiled. "You're smart for a human." He swung to point at Fisk. "You might be too if you listened a little better. Work on that."

"Wait. They're human?" Cal asked "But he's got directed magic. He can't be human." They were both ignoring us now.

"Nothing in the clearing is responding to him at all."

"True…but then, how?"

"You might try asking me." I said irritably. "Then you could answer my earlier question too." Fisk was staring at me in astonishment and the two boys started to laugh.

"Point. Should we do things in that order or would you like your question answered first?" Cal asked me.

"My question please." I couldn't quite suppress the urge to be polite.

"Alright then. Short answer, we're the sons of the Creature and Green Gods respectively. Long answer tends to devolve into a grammatical debate fairly quickly." Cal answered, his earlier temper evaporating.

"What?" Fisk and I spoke simultaneously.

"Well, Cal thinks we're something like a new set of gods, so we could call ourselves Neo-deities, which I'll admit sounds cool, but I think we're really more along the lines of demi-gods with reduced powers and what-all." Eric misinterpreted our question. "So…how exactly does a human get to wield magic?"

"'Tis a long story…"I began

"We've got time." Eric smiled wickedly. "I don’t think Cal is going anywhere near the deer for another couple of hours." Cal glared at him.

I shifted nervously and began my tale, keeping it as short as possible and neglecting to mention that I was permanently unredeemed. They listened for the whole thing and then withdrew to confer. I could see the disappointment on Fisk's face when the horses followed them into the woods but I must confess that I was curious about these strangers now and not at all loath not to have to argue Fisk around into staying to find out more.

Tempus-Chapter 3
If Nathan hadn't been so worried he would have been bouncing up and down like a little puppy. Well, no he wouldn't, he was the head of Global Dynamic, so he decided that the bouncing could be done in his head. The mysterious Daniel Tempus now worked for Global Dynamic, not just until the mess was cleaned up, but a permanent job. That's when the Sheriff walked into his office, sans his normal uniform.

"What do you want Sheriff? I doubt that you can do anything to help the most recent problem. We're having the scientist who came up with the idea transferred here", he said before Jack could say anything. "I know", said the blond man bitterly. Nathan was confused and had to ask, "How do you know?" "It's good to meet you Dr. Stark. My name is Daniel Tempus", said Jack, holding out his hand to be shaken. "That's a really bad joke, you know", said Nathan, "And in bad taste too." "I'm guessing you didn't read the whole file. I'll be in the lab when you want to talk", he said, leaving a confused Director in his wake. Nathan practically dove for the file, flipping it open. He could feel a migraine coming on as he read it.

Witness protection program…….. US Marshal service……… 11 PhD's……… A picture of Carter…………

He felt faint, the same man he bickered with on a near daily basis was Dr. Daniel Tempus. He had repeatedly called one of the men he most looked up to an idiot. He felt like banging his head on a wall, then he did the next best thing, he called Fargo.

Jack picked up the box he had left outside Nathan's office and headed for his lab. It felt so nice to say that. His Lab. He hadn't had his own real lab since he was fifteen, and here he was working for Global Dynamic. He set the box down on his desk and pulled out the thing on top, his new lab coat, with his name, his real name, embroidered on it. Jack Tempus. He'd always liked his middle name better anyways.

The next lab over was where the failed experiment was so he decided to set something up so that he could get some accurate data to help him with a solution. "Jack? Why are you in here dressed like a GD scientist?", he heard Henry ask him. "It's an interesting story", he said, turning to face his best friend, "One that I've been wanting to tell you for a long time. My real name isn't Jack Carter. It's Daniel Tempus, I'm, or I was, a scientist." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, and gave Henry a sheepish grin.

Henry blinked and raised an eyebrow. "So what am I suppose to call you now", he asked with a grin. "Even before this whole mess everyone called me Jack, it's my middle name", he said, relieved. "You know you won't be able to get out of helping me fix cars on the weekend now", teased Henry, "Now that you can't plead no knowledge of rocket science."

Tempus-Chapter 2
A few years later- Somewhere in Season Two

Carter stared open mouthed at the blazing fire. He rubbed his temples, this was just not his day. The machine that was currently burning was still emitting scrambled radio waves and he didn't know how that would effect things in the surrounding labs. So now he would have to steer the conversation that way without making it sound like he actually knew what he was talking about.

"So what does that thing do anyways", he asked Henry, who was trying to come up with a way of getting into the sealed lab without getting taken out by the really scary looking laser guns.

"It's a new type of communications device, it uses radio waves to send out a decoded signal", said Henry, not even looking up from his equations.

"I don't know a lot about science (yeah right!) but isn't that usually bad for other machinery", he asked.

"Depends, if the machine was on and how close it was and how delicate said machinery was", but anything that should be affected has been closed down", he said.

That's when the explosion happened.

Jack groaned, this day was getting better and better. He ran towards the explosion and turned and saw his worst nightmare. A bastardization of his precious machine had been subjected to the super strength radio waves, it was now affecting it's surrounding area and growing slowly bigger.

It was reducing it's surroundings into pure elements, charged with the excess energy left over from the broken bonds. It was Chaos, and now he had to try to tell them how to stop it, and he wasn't even quite sure how to.

"General Mansfield, we have no idea how to stop it", said Stark to the General in a live video feed.

"The scientist who created it can't stop it", asked the general.

"The original idea was created by Dr. Daniel Tempus, but I've been trying for years to get him to work here. I could never even locate him, but decided to get it out of the theoretical stages. He's probably the only one with enough knowledge to stop this", said Nathan, looking weary.

"How bad is it", asked the general.

"In a few month's it will over take Eureka, and a few months after that America, after that, the entire universe", said Stark, looking pained.

"I'll locate this Dr. Tempus and send his to Eureka as soon as possible", said the General, then he signed off.

And even in the face of impending disaster Nathan Stark was strangely happy, he would be able to meet one of his biggest hero's, Dr. Daniel Tempus.

Jack got a call just as he was coming out of the shower.

"You have a call from General Mansfield, Sheriff Carter", said S.A.R.A.H.

Jack swore, then said, "Answer it, Audio only."

"Hello Sheriff, or should I say Doctor? I was so surprised to hear that a world renowned scientist was actually the Sheriff of Eureka. You probably already know more about the problem then I do, so you are being reassigned to work as a scientist at Global Dynamic, you'll obviously be in charge of getting rid of the problem that just cropped up. I don't think I need to tell you how vital it is that you figure this out. We'll be sending your replacement if a few days, until then Jo is the Sheriff", he said, then signed out.

Jack hadn't said a word, this was bad, really, really bad.

Just Fyi, in this fic Nathan never proposes to Allison, and he doesn't disappear. Also, Jack doesn't go back in time and this happens instead. I haven't decided if i want Eva Thorne to show up or not yet.

Tempus-Chapter 1
I changed some things so that it fit better into the story and it's basically what I think would happen if the first couple of episodes went differently. So I took Eureka and changed it a bit because I also changed Carter. But after reading Witless Protection I just couldn't help myself, it was such a good idea.

Carter sighed as he waited for Carl to come to. At least now he could act a little more intelligent, at least for a few hours. He just hoped that the urge to kiss old woman would go away. That was really freaking him out. The urge to go out and say that he knew what the statistics were on this venture were was overwhelming.

He wanted so badly to just shout out in the middle of Café Diem that he wasn't an idiot, that he was smarter then them, that he would have been able to do that without killing off an entire town. The only relief he got was that he was publishing more papers in various scientific and mathematical journals then he had in years, though he'd had to entirely rewire S.A.R.A.H. so that Fargo wouldn't be able to find out. And that had taken days, also, there was an itch at the back of his mind that said he should just reprogram her including the voice.

The voice that was in all of his latest nightmares. He shook off his inner train of thought before he went from weird into the realm of truly creepy. Then he went back to his page of mathematics. He e-mailed it to the journal that he liked most and went to go shower. Today's events had given him a few ideas and he had to write them down before he could do anything else.

Nathan Stark heard a ping which meant that a top priority e-mail had just arrived. He pulled it open to see that the mysterious Dr. Daniel Tempus had published yet another brilliant paper. Stark had been trying for years to get the elusive scientist to come work for him ,but no one seemed to know who he was or even what he looked like.

The few pictures their were of him were of his college years, and he had been even younger then Stark had been in College. He was a chubby blond kid, shaggy hair with huge glasses, the ultimate nerd. As expected it was another brilliant break through, he sent it to Henry, whom he knew would be intensely interested.

They had both been trying for years to find him, but with no luck. He'd wanted to get him to actually run with his theoretical work, use his mathematics for practical purposes, not send out papers from an undisclosed location.

Maybe he could start one anyways, he could always put Henry in charge of it. He decided that that was the best course of action, and wrote himself an e-mail to remind him in the morning, then he went off to bed.

"You want me to set it up? I'm flattered, but I'm a mechanic, not a doctor. According to rumor, Dr. Tempus spent years mapping out a single human body. We'd need his research notes at the very least, not just his published papers", said Henry, "I could give it a try though. Maybe if I started with something less complex. Like a microbe."

"Well, I have a lab all set up, just see what you can do with it", said Stark.


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