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Tempus Chapter 7
"why are all of you people in my lab?!? Get out of here", said jack to the crowd that had almost magically appeared along with the abnormally large shipping box in his lab.

Fargo's head popped into view shortly.

"Um, Sh-I mean Dr. Tempus, they just want to see this ground breaking event", he said nervously.

"How is thisground breaking? It's already been tested many, many times, This machine is two years old", he said, trying to play it off as nothing, "I will have a video feed set up so that you can watch it somewhere else. I can't have all of these people in here, Fargo, it's not safe. You need to get them out right now."

When the last eager, nosy scientist was gone he started to carefully unpack his precious machine. He lovingly put all of the external pieces on and hooked it up to the power supply. He hooked his laptop into it and got to work downloading the new program for it. He'd had to learn Fortran for it, but he could write his own base code, which allowed him to optimize the power of his invention and allowed him to read and research much faster.

"Problem solved. No more unstable matter in the next room over", said Jack to the video feed.

Then he tapped a few keys and the machine and the video feed shut off. Now he could do some research. He unhooked everything from his machine and packed it up. Just as he was closing the lid a general burst in through the door.

"What are you doing with that? That is now DoD property", he said angrily.

"I finished and shelved this project before i had ever even heard of Eureka, therefore it is mine. And even if you take it away and study it, you'll never crack it open; never uncover its secrets", said Jack, pulling out hammer and nails to secure the top of the box.

"Then i guess i'll just have to confiscate such dangerous equipment from you, Dr, Tempus", said the general, "It now belongs to the Department of Defense."

"Go for it. It's all yours", said Jack, "I have other research to be doing, preferably outside of Eureka. I quit."

The general looked worried.

"You cna't quit", he said, "You're one of the top researchers in the world!"

"You know what? I quit science all together. I'll go back to law enforcement and never publish a paper ever agian", he said gruffly.

A pained noise was heard from outside of the lab. Fargo, Taggert, and Henry rushed in, pleading Jack to reconsider. The general looked stunned.

"you couldn't give up science even if you wanted to", said Nathan Stark as he entered the room, "It's your passion, your lifes' work. Stay at Eureka, do some good in the world."

"Nathan's right. You could do so much good in this world, Jack, make so many amazing discoveries. Do not let this set you back", said Henry.

Jack looked conflicted, then defeated.

"Fine. I'll stay. Just don't ask me to crack that thing open. You're on your own. Just remove it now or i'll change my mind", he said, resigned.

Workers quickly removed the shipping crate as Jack watched with almost tears in his eyes.

Nathan kept his emotions tightly in check. All he wanted to do right now was go and comfort the man who looked as though someone had stolen his child. And i guess in a way they had. But he knew that if they could crack open the machine they could help a lot of people.

"So, what are you going to research now, mate", asked Taggert.

"I've always wanted to make a universal vaccine using nanobots or something similar", he said, still heart broken at the loss of Gertrude (yes, he named a matter re-arranger Gertrude), "But that would involve huge computing power in a nanobot. That's my next project. That and other small things. Do you think GD would be interested in something like that?"

"Very. That would be extremely useful", said Stark with a grin, "But how would you do that?"

"I don't know yet", said Jack, "But I'm sure I'll come up with something."

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So glad you're back.
And I loved what I read.
Bits were a little rough but other than those I loved all the chapters.
Great job at making the characters come alive etc and Gertrude...priceless.

Thanks. it's good to have the internet back. And I just couldn't imagine Jack not naming something that was so dear to his heart. Plus, gertrude as a matter re-arranger is just fun!

Okay, I have to be honest, here. I'm caught between loving and hating this story. I love it because it's a beautiful concept and the general outline is fantastic. I hate it because... well... I'm obsessive compulsive. You don't catch Nathan's and Jack's characters /quite/ right. Very, very close, but... Okay, yes, Jack would name something like that. He wouldn't let it go like that, though. He just got very good leverage over them with that line about leaving Global Dynamics. And then with leaving science. Honestly, if you're going to do this right, you're either going to have to take that particular line out (if you want them to keep the machine for your story-line) or you're going to have to have him stick to his decision. Jack is stubborn. It is one of his defining characteristics. A couple of parts of the story were equally as rough, but I think if you shape it up, this is going to be one of my favorite stories of all time.

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