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Tempus Chapter 6
He walked into his lab totally refreshed. He was glad that he'd listened to Allison. That's when he noticed the white boards. Five large white boards, lined up in his lab. There was a note attached to the closested one.

Sometimes you need to see the bigger picture. Thought this might help.
-Nathan Stark

Jack felt resentful, now that he was a scientist it was ok to befriend him. When he was sheriff it wasn't ok, but now that he was practically a celebrity it was. At least the white boards would be useful. He opened a marker and started to write his newest formula.

Nathan wasn't sure how exactly to approach zoe without seeming totally strange and creepy. Several minutes of deep thought provided him with the answer. The upcoming Tesla science that was being hosted by GD. Each student was paired up with a scientist. If he pulled a few strings he could be paired with zoe.

It would allow them to forge a friendship and give him an excuse to see and talk to Jack. It was brilliant. He picked up his phone to make a few calls.

Jack heard a knock on his door. He turned to see Jo striding in through the door.

"You're the last person i ever expected to be a scientist in disguise", she said with a grin, "and they've decided to make me the new sheriff. You should have seen the look on Taggart's face when he heard that news."

"I'm glad, you'll actually be able to keep most of these idiots in line. Maybe not Fargo, but everybody else", he said relieved to see her happy as opposed to murderous.

They chatted for a few moments and then she left, a bounce in her steps.

"Ok class. Each of you has been notified as to who your advisor is and where you will be working with them. You'll al lbe meeting up in the GD lobby tommorow at 9am. Don't be late", said the teacher to the class.

Zoe cursed silently to herself. She had forgotten to check exactly who her advisor was. She grabbed her tablet and signed in scrolling through her e-mails. She started in surprise. Her advisor was the Director of GD, Nathan stark. She shrugged, sometimes things were really strange in this town.

Nathan stark felt confident. All he had to do was get to know Zoe. That should be fun and easy. According to her file she was smart enough to do quite well in Eureka. She was also quite good at physics, which was his favorite. He saw her approaching and smiled warmly. She gave him a funny look, but walked over.

"Hello Zoe, it's a nice suprise to be partnered with you. According to your file you seem like a bright girl, and according to Allison, very sweet", he said, trying to smile some more.

She looked at him as though he was an alien from outer space, the kind covered in slime with ten eyes. He tried to smile more; it was starting to hurt.

"Uh, Dr. Stark, are you ok? You look like you're in pain", said Zoe, a concerned look on her face.

He dropped his smile, that obviously wasn't working. Guess he had to make her like snarky, abrasive Stark.

"Sorry, I'm not use to having anybody but Fargo tail me in a while. I was trying to make you more comfortable. Lets go get to work", he said, business face sliding back on.

She sniggered. He turned to walk to his lab space, perhaps they could find friendship through science.

"So he runs into the middle of my class yelling something about mutant gerbils! He stops, looks around, and then realizes there are none in the classroom. Then he leaves quietly. Anyways, turns out there really were mutant gerbils in the next room over", she said as Nathan laughed.

"I can just imagine you father doing that. Gun drawn and a serious look on his face as he came to defeat the mutant gerbils", he said, still chuckling.

He really did like spending time with Zoe, she told the best stories. And she had a magic touch with generators, he wondered if Jack knew.

"Well, i had better get home. Dad's probably getting worried", she said, starting to put together her things.

"I'll call ahead, let him know you're on your way", said Nathan, pulling out his cell, "And tell him you were working very hard on your science project."

She thanked him as he dialed and went for the door. S.A.R.A.H answered the phone.

"Hello? May i ask who's calling", asked the smart house.

"This is Nathan Stark. Please let Dr. Tempus know that Zoe is on her way home. We got caught up in the project, took and hour longer then i had planned. Please let him know", he said.

"I will, thank you. He was beginning to worry", said S.A.R.A.H., "Well, goodbye Dr. Stark."

He bid the house goodbye and tucked his phone back into his suit jacket. He looked over the progress that he and Zoe had made. She had good, sound theories and would make a good scientist in the future.

"I figured it out", he yelled at his empty lab space, "Of course, it's so obvious!"

He started gathering supplies and packing up his notes, he needed to call Henry.

"This is brilliant, Jack, I never would have thought of it", said henry, "But wait, wouldn't this need a working model of your experiment? We don't have one of those, and they're still at the theoretical stage anyways."

"You don't. But i do. It's in San Fransisco, i'm having it shipped here. Should be here in an hour", siad Jack.

Henry just stared blankly at him.

"You've already built a machine that can re arrange matter? That's impossible. No one has been able to figure out how to control that type of concentrated energy", he said, looking awed and skeptical.

"what do you think i did in my spare time? Twiddle my thumbs", he said with a grin, "It's been done for about two years now."

"You've had it for two years?! I never heard about it. And that is something i always hear about, Jack", said Henry with a frown.

"And if this latest disaster hadn't happened you never would have. It's dangerous, henry, and not something i would turn over to the government lightly. It's also heavily safeguarded; i know that someone will try to crack it open or steal it. It has the potential to be a great gift, or a terrible weapon", said jack, looking troubled.

Henry said nothing, but he put a comforting hand on his shoulder.


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