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Tempus Chapter 5
"that doesn't sound like a little problem", said Allison, eyeing her ex-husband.

She had walked to his office after a very particular phone conversation.

"I know. I don't know what to do, he hates me, Ali. He hates me because it was easier to make him hate me then to just be his friend. He's a nice person, and i'm...not", said Nathan, looking lost and confused.

It was a strange look on him, one she'd only ever seen once before, when she's broken things off with him.

"Well, you're going to have to befriend him first. Talk science with him, have a drink with him, or something like that. Actually, i'd start with Zowie, she's the most important thing in his life. Get her to like you and you to like her and he'll have to rethink his opinion of you. And stop flirting with me", she said, " That's not helping you any."

"So, show and interest in things he likes, make friends with his daughter, and stop flirting with my ex-wife", he said, "I can do that."

Jack glared at his notebook of numbers. He'd been staring at them for hours and they were starting to swim and dance. He rubbed his eyes and contemplated finding another cup of coffee.

"You need to get some rest, i know for a fact that you haven't slept in at least two days", said a feminine voice behind him.

He turned to see allison standing at his doorway, and she didn't look pleased.

"If i don't figure out how to fix this, and soon, the entire universe will cease to exist", said Jack, trying to express the importance of existance.

"And if you collapse or make a mistake then it'll happen anyways", said Allison, "I'm driving you to the bunker. You're going to have a full nights sleep, some real food, and actually see you daughter."

She glared at him in frustration as he went back to his numbers.

"Jack! I'm being serious, I'm having you kicked out for twenty four hours. Leave before i call security", she said, her voice icy cold.

Jack glared at her but slowly got up and went for the door. The ride home with Allison had him dozing off several times. When he got to the Bunker he greeted S.A.R.A.H and passed out on the couch and didn't wake up till ten hours later.

He was greeted by a grinning zoe when he awoke.

"You'll never believe it! The Heather's were so jealous when they found out that my father was Dr. Daniel Tempus. The whole town is talking about you, it's hilarious", she babbled, "Though Vincent's pretty mad at you about all those Nobel Peace Prize's that you've turned down.

Next time he sees you he's probably going to yell at you, then worship the ground you walk on. I guess he's a huge fan of your work. So is most of the community. You're like a scientific celebrity."

Jack groaned and tried to roll over, he did not want to be a celebrity, he wanted his old job back.

Even if his new job was really, really awesome. And he was getting a lab assistant. And he got almost unlimited spending for lab equipment. Ok, so maybe it wasn't all bad. He still didn't want to be a celebrity.

He wanted a Vinspresso and to get away from his nagging house, but he was borderline scared of going into Cafe Diem. But avoiding it was probably worse.

Luckily, Henry had delivered his new car so he wasn't stuck bumming rides off of allison. He was also looking forward to talking engines with Henry in his garage later in the afternoon. But first he had to bite the bullet and brave cafe diem.

A vinspresso and a burger with fries, that sounded really good right about now.

He pulled up in front of the Cafe and got out. He opened the door quietly. No one noticed him at first, which he was thankful for, until he got to the counter and took a seat.

"You! The most brilliant man in the world alive, posing as our own sheriff, Dr. Daniel Tempus. And you cna't accept one of the greastest honors in the world!", said vincent, looking angry, "Your paper on theorical fission changed the entire scientific community, and you couldn't even take a little credit for it! Do you know how rude it is to say no to the Nobel Peace prize?"

"I was undercover. Witness Protection Program. It was dangerous for me, and if I had shown up i would have been killed. I like my life more than i like a trophy on my wall, vincent", said jack somberly, "I can never go into the public eye again, especially as Daniel Tempus. The only reason i came out of hiding was becuase i was the only one who could stop the current disaster from totally destroying the universe."

this shut vincent up, and the rest of cafe diem.

"i'm sorry to hear that", said vincent, "but what do i call you now? Daniel? Danny?"

"Everyone has always called me by my middle name, which is Jack. So I guess you'll have to call me Jack", he said smiling at Vincent, glad that the confrontation was over and done with.

"So, how about a Vinspresso and a burger with some fries, Vince", asked jack.

"Even as a brilliant scientist, you have no taste", siad Vincent, "surely you'd like to try some of today's special? White truffle rissoto, lamb in a honey glaze, and braised asperagus?"

"No thanks, vincent. I'm the same guy as before, just a little bit more well know", he said, grinning even more.

Vincent shook his head but went and filled the order, some things really never did change.


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