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Tempus-Chapter 4
Nathan watched curiously as Jack furiously scribbled in a notebook, unaware of his presence. It was so alien to see this side of him. This was the man who knew nothing of science, and it was oddly attractive to see the former sheriff bustling around like any other GD employee.

He seemed somehow more at ease, happier, in his new surroundings. It was kind of nice. He shook his head at the thought. What he didn't need was to develop a crush on someone just because he knew they were a brilliant scientist, though, he thought as he studied him, he was very nice to look at too.

He mentally hit himself, this way of thinking would only get him into more trouble, he had been a bad enough distraction as a sheriff, but this was just painful.

"Of Course! If I just invert the ratio….", he said excitedly to himself and resumed scribbling.

It was maddeningly adorable. When I put a hand on his shoulder to alert him to my presence he nearly squeaked in surprise.

He turned around and I saw him for the first time, full profile, in jeans and a soft cotton tee shirt, a new lab coat over that. It was even better then him in a bathrobe, and that image had been worth being locked inside killer S.A.R.A.H. to see.

"So, a scientist? You couldn't even act vaguely aware of what was going on in these labs?", asked Nathan, sarcastic, he felt hurt that he hadn't been told beforehand that the town sheriff was actually an uber genius.

"Part of my cover", said Jack flippantly, then he went back to his page of numbers.

Then taking his notebook with him he began to insert numbers into a nearby computer, ignoring Stark as if he wasn't even there. Then he swore at the computer screen and went back to scribbling in his notebook. Then he threw down the notebook in frustration and walked out the door, leaving a confused director in his wake.

Nathan sulked for the rest of the day, and he kept yelling at Fargo whenever they got near his lab. That made his day almost not bad, thought Jack with a grin. He didn't know why he was sulking, but it meant that he wasn't bothering him.

Henry had promised to come and take a look at his numbers as well, which made him feel a little better. It was nice to know that the man was still a friend, though he was scared to think of the reactions of the rest of the town. He dreaded going into town, or god forbid, Café Diem.

He could already imagine the rumors going around about him, the things they would say. So he planned to split his time in between the Bunker and his lab and try to avoid as many people as possible.

He finally gave up on his notes and decided to get some sleep, he just hoped that people wouldn't bug him at home. He could always get S.A.R.A.H. to zap them he supposed.

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Can I just say I love your Nathan. Both guys are just so oblivious it's cute. And super geek Jack is uber adorable. Bravo.

Hee, Jack annoying the hell out of Nathan is always funny :)

I've read the whole thing and I must say it is awesome! I love your charaterization of Nathan and Jack. The idea of Jack in witness protection is super cool. Can't wait for more!

fantastic fic but please feed me more, just love the idea of Jack being someone Nathan had respected without knowing it and now he does just great..Thank you

WOW!!! I love this story!!!

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