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Tempus-Chapter 2
A few years later- Somewhere in Season Two

Carter stared open mouthed at the blazing fire. He rubbed his temples, this was just not his day. The machine that was currently burning was still emitting scrambled radio waves and he didn't know how that would effect things in the surrounding labs. So now he would have to steer the conversation that way without making it sound like he actually knew what he was talking about.

"So what does that thing do anyways", he asked Henry, who was trying to come up with a way of getting into the sealed lab without getting taken out by the really scary looking laser guns.

"It's a new type of communications device, it uses radio waves to send out a decoded signal", said Henry, not even looking up from his equations.

"I don't know a lot about science (yeah right!) but isn't that usually bad for other machinery", he asked.

"Depends, if the machine was on and how close it was and how delicate said machinery was", but anything that should be affected has been closed down", he said.

That's when the explosion happened.

Jack groaned, this day was getting better and better. He ran towards the explosion and turned and saw his worst nightmare. A bastardization of his precious machine had been subjected to the super strength radio waves, it was now affecting it's surrounding area and growing slowly bigger.

It was reducing it's surroundings into pure elements, charged with the excess energy left over from the broken bonds. It was Chaos, and now he had to try to tell them how to stop it, and he wasn't even quite sure how to.

"General Mansfield, we have no idea how to stop it", said Stark to the General in a live video feed.

"The scientist who created it can't stop it", asked the general.

"The original idea was created by Dr. Daniel Tempus, but I've been trying for years to get him to work here. I could never even locate him, but decided to get it out of the theoretical stages. He's probably the only one with enough knowledge to stop this", said Nathan, looking weary.

"How bad is it", asked the general.

"In a few month's it will over take Eureka, and a few months after that America, after that, the entire universe", said Stark, looking pained.

"I'll locate this Dr. Tempus and send his to Eureka as soon as possible", said the General, then he signed off.

And even in the face of impending disaster Nathan Stark was strangely happy, he would be able to meet one of his biggest hero's, Dr. Daniel Tempus.

Jack got a call just as he was coming out of the shower.

"You have a call from General Mansfield, Sheriff Carter", said S.A.R.A.H.

Jack swore, then said, "Answer it, Audio only."

"Hello Sheriff, or should I say Doctor? I was so surprised to hear that a world renowned scientist was actually the Sheriff of Eureka. You probably already know more about the problem then I do, so you are being reassigned to work as a scientist at Global Dynamic, you'll obviously be in charge of getting rid of the problem that just cropped up. I don't think I need to tell you how vital it is that you figure this out. We'll be sending your replacement if a few days, until then Jo is the Sheriff", he said, then signed out.

Jack hadn't said a word, this was bad, really, really bad.

Just Fyi, in this fic Nathan never proposes to Allison, and he doesn't disappear. Also, Jack doesn't go back in time and this happens instead. I haven't decided if i want Eva Thorne to show up or not yet.

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Ooo, this is getting very exciting!! Good work :)

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