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Tempus-Chapter 1
I changed some things so that it fit better into the story and it's basically what I think would happen if the first couple of episodes went differently. So I took Eureka and changed it a bit because I also changed Carter. But after reading Witless Protection I just couldn't help myself, it was such a good idea.

Carter sighed as he waited for Carl to come to. At least now he could act a little more intelligent, at least for a few hours. He just hoped that the urge to kiss old woman would go away. That was really freaking him out. The urge to go out and say that he knew what the statistics were on this venture were was overwhelming.

He wanted so badly to just shout out in the middle of Café Diem that he wasn't an idiot, that he was smarter then them, that he would have been able to do that without killing off an entire town. The only relief he got was that he was publishing more papers in various scientific and mathematical journals then he had in years, though he'd had to entirely rewire S.A.R.A.H. so that Fargo wouldn't be able to find out. And that had taken days, also, there was an itch at the back of his mind that said he should just reprogram her including the voice.

The voice that was in all of his latest nightmares. He shook off his inner train of thought before he went from weird into the realm of truly creepy. Then he went back to his page of mathematics. He e-mailed it to the journal that he liked most and went to go shower. Today's events had given him a few ideas and he had to write them down before he could do anything else.

Nathan Stark heard a ping which meant that a top priority e-mail had just arrived. He pulled it open to see that the mysterious Dr. Daniel Tempus had published yet another brilliant paper. Stark had been trying for years to get the elusive scientist to come work for him ,but no one seemed to know who he was or even what he looked like.

The few pictures their were of him were of his college years, and he had been even younger then Stark had been in College. He was a chubby blond kid, shaggy hair with huge glasses, the ultimate nerd. As expected it was another brilliant break through, he sent it to Henry, whom he knew would be intensely interested.

They had both been trying for years to find him, but with no luck. He'd wanted to get him to actually run with his theoretical work, use his mathematics for practical purposes, not send out papers from an undisclosed location.

Maybe he could start one anyways, he could always put Henry in charge of it. He decided that that was the best course of action, and wrote himself an e-mail to remind him in the morning, then he went off to bed.

"You want me to set it up? I'm flattered, but I'm a mechanic, not a doctor. According to rumor, Dr. Tempus spent years mapping out a single human body. We'd need his research notes at the very least, not just his published papers", said Henry, "I could give it a try though. Maybe if I started with something less complex. Like a microbe."

"Well, I have a lab all set up, just see what you can do with it", said Stark.

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I really like the idea of Jack pretending to someone else he's not, when in fact he's the most smartest person in Eureka (including Nathan). Keep on writing, I'd love to read more :)

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