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A Fairy Tale Princess
Chuck looked at the small, hand held gaming device, rolling it over and over again in his hands. He'd found it next to a pair of all too familiar sunglasses on his pillow. The sunglasses were shoved into his desk angrily.

These couldn't be here. Bryce Larkin was dead. He'd died a month ago right before he'd gotten the new intersect stuck in his brain.

But he picked up the DS and turned it around in his hands. It had a game inserted into the game boy advanced slot. He pulled out the cartridge. Zelda.

He smiled, remembering when he'd played it back in college with Bryce. Happier days filled his mind's eye. Then he flushed. It was during Zelda when Bryce had kissed him. He'd almost forgotten about that.

They'd both been a little tipsy and on the spur of the moment they had pulled out Zelda. They traded the controller every time they died. It was one of the later levels and they were well on there way to being smashed so this happened fairly often. Not to mention the hysterical giggles seemed to get in the way.

And then Chuck had died again and he'd handed the controller over to Bryce. Bryce had looked at the controller, then him and grabbed his wrist instead. Pulling him into a searing kiss. Bryce was a good kisser.

No, Bryce was a great, amazing, sparks flying, cliched amazing kisser. They'd spent several minutes in a serious lip lock before Chuck's mind had rebooted. His conscious came back online, urgently prodding him.

"Jill!", said, squeaking, because Chuck's conscious had a high pitched squeaky voice that was hard to ignore, "Jill is your Girlfriend! This is cheating on her!"

He pulled away with an obscene wet noise; bright red.

"", he tried to say something intelligible.

"Sorry 'bout that, Chuck. Too many beers and Zelda. Thought you were the princess there for a moment", he said, then passed out on the dorm floor.

He slipped the game back in and turned on the DS, opening the game. But it didn't start out like the original. It was off somehow. He couldn't quite place it. He'd played through all the levels, remembering all the other times he's done this at the BuyMore, Morgan watching curiously over his shoulder.

All too soon he was up against Gannon and he defeated him, barely. But instead of Princess Zelda it was him. He was the Princess.

He groaned in his hands. He was not the god-damned Princess! But then he thought back to Bryce's drunken comment about how he'd thought Chuck was the Princess. He flushed and then an address flashed across the screen.

He got up and scrambled to find his keys for the Nerd Herder, hoping he'd stay ahead of Casey. He dropped his watch to the floor as he left his apartment.

157 Cherry Pine Ave. He found it and parked Four blocks away, walking quickly and quietly towards 157. And finally it was there, a small blue house with cheerful, white trim and a matching white, picket fence.

The last placed he'd have ever thought to find Bryce Larkin, spy extraordinaire. Maybe that was the point. He knocked on the door, and as he waited was suddenly stuck with the fear that this was all a set up.

somehow afraid that it wasn't. And Bryce opened the door. He was limping and pale, but he was alive. He led Chuck into a front room decorated mainly in gingham, and grimaced as he sank into a sofa. Chuck sat down as well, fidgeting and not entirely sure what to do. A large part of him still wanted Sarah, but something compelled him towards Bryce and always had.

"Really? Me as the Princess, Bryce? You could have just told me", he said in annoyance. Bryce grinned at this and got out of the sofa quicker than he'd sat down in and sank into the sofa next to Chuck, pulling him into a hug.

"I've wanted you for so long. Since i first met you. God, you have no idea how i felt about you. And i was so jealous of Sarah. She stole you away while i wasn't looking. Then she wouldn't leave", said Bryce, voice filled with desperation, "Then i was presumed dead again. All i could see was the horror in your face as you watched me bleed. And i swore I'd tell you if i ever got the chance."

"I'm not sure exactly how i feel about you Bryce. But there's something big there i don't quite understand", said Chuck quietly, "and i want to find out what it is."

"I've got you Chuck", said Bryce as he held Chuck tighter, "and now I'm never letting go." And then he pulled him back and kissed him. It was better than the first time. No alcohol or noisy video games or passing out. Chuck melted into the kiss gladly. When they pulled up for air Bryce spoke.

"You know Chuck, this may annoy you, but in Zelda, you were always the Princess." They both dissolved into laughter. Chuck might not be much of a Princess, but life was definitely looking up.


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