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Writer's Block: Take me back
Is there any song that reminds you so much of an ex-partner that you can't stand to hear it? Details, please.


Penny Lane by The Beatles......

My nickname was penny from that song and I can't listen to it without thinking of him, especially since he became a creepy stalker after i broke up with him......

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Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: For those who are guessing -- looking the lyrics up on a search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own.

1. Looking back on when i was a little nappy headed boy
2.And the outside temperature rises, and the meaning is oh so clear. One million and one yellow daffodils begin to dance in front of me.
3.Oh Shit, everybody get your towels ready!
4. You remind me of the babe. What babe?
5. I remember when rock was young, me and Suzie had so much fun
6. Cool Guys don't look at explosions, they blow things up and then walk away.
7. Reluctantly crouched at the starting line
8. Back to the Street where we began, feeling as good as lovers can you know.
9. Your friends always honest but to tell you the truth by responding uncouthly.
10. Hey little sister what have you done.
11. traveling in a fired out convey on a heavy trail head full of zombie.
12.I'm a boy named Harry but my parents are dead hangin' in the ghetto earning wizard street cred.
13.Fire in the Disco! Fire in the Taco Bell!
14. Nobody's cool as we not quite so esoterically far out. We're so far out it's creepy.
15. Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped upside down.
16. I wake up every evening with a big smile on my face and it never feels out of place.
17. Who can be knocking at my door?
18. Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bad Horse, Bad Horse. He rides across the nation the thoroughbred of sin, he got the application that you just sent in.
19. What's a pirate minus a ship?
20. Hey Dude. It's True not sad. Take a thrash song and make it better.
21. Song sung blue, everybody knows one
22. You kids think - your gear is iconic But Im gon take you back to see some real electronics gimme a beige PC, green text, black screen
23. I want a girl with a mind like a diamond.
24. You say yes. i say no.
25. It's nine o'clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in.
26. Hey everyone, listen up, your attention if you please, really want to give you a warning.
27. It may not feel to classy, begging just to eat, but you know who does that? Lassie. and she always gets a treat.
28. Beauty queen of only 18. she had some trouble with herself.
29. a long long time ago in a galaxy far away
30. All the old paintings on the tomb They do the sand dance doncha know

Psychology Class: What was she really talking about?
The other day we did an exercise in my Psych 101 Class.

It's one of the few non cooking classes that I take and I greatly enjoy it, the one thing i dislike about it however, are the other students in my class.

But i'll get to that later on in this story.

You are getting very relaxed, and a bit sleepy. You feel your eyes starting to droop. But you can not fall asleep.

Picture a walkway up to a house. Slowly go up that walkway, looking up and down that house?

Does it have windows? What color is the door?

You come up to that door, but you don't enter it yet.

You slowly walk around the house, taking in details.

You find yourself back at the beginning of the house. You go up to the door and open it.

What does the room look like? What is in your house?

You walk into the next room and it's your favorite room in the house.

But then you see another door, this one is hidden.

It's where you hide your deepest, darkest secret.

You open the door and follow it down into a room.

You look around the room and study it carefully. You study that deep dark secret.

Then you turn around and you leave that room. You shut the door behind you.

you go out of your favorite room and out the front door.

You walk down that walkway.

You can feel yourself waking up.

That's the short version of what happened that class period. There was more you feel sleepy, you feel awake, but the rest i remember.

Then the Prof. told us to write down everything we could remember about that house and not to write our name on it.

Then we would read others and say what we thought it meant.

Mine went something like this.

I see a tall hill, with a flight of worn stairs leading towards an imposing structure.

Not quite a mansion, but larger than a normal house. It's of grey stone, with a red roof and a red door.

The vegetation is sparse but green, and everything is well groomed and trimmed. There are only four bay windows on the front of the house and none on the sides, even though there are obviously many more rooms than that in this house.

There is a single back door next to a modest vegetable garden and a single rose bush, that hasn't been very well cared for.

I get back to the red door and open it and come to a very large room.

It is furnished in dark wood and blue accents. Everything has a fine layer of dust upon it and some of the tables are covered in drop clothes.

The floor is made of dark stone, and it is only dimly lit by two of the bay windows.

I leave this room and come into a library. It is filled to the brim with every book imaginable. stacks here and there, everything having an air of faint chaos to it, but not disgustingly so.

There is a warm fire lit in a small fireplace, and a seat near it that is well worn and soft looking of black velvet.

Then i turn away and i see a door that was hidden in the shadows before. It's made of a twisted brown wood, covered in grime and dirt.

I open it cautiously and go down a flight of rickety stairs.

I come to another room.

It is covered in a sort of black goo-liquid, and it seems to be pulsing with a life of its own.

It seems to grow as i get closer and in the middle of the room, resting on a pedestal of the goo lay a silver knife, glowing faintly. The goo seems to be sucking in this light, making it seem dark and light in this room all at once.

Then i leave that room. I go up the stair and back to the library, and into the front room and back outside, and i leave that house behind.

So, as you can see, i put a lot of effort into what i saw and thought.

The only two comments i got were.

"The person that wrote this reads a lot of Gothic literature and likes it."


"I don't know."

That was it.

There are thirty people in that class and it lasts for two hours.

I swear I'm surrounded by morons who don't actually read the homework.

Freud, who we were studying, would have hung his head in shame if he's been to my class.

I gave tons of description and got generic.

Also, not a big Gothic literature fan. So wrong on that count, though i did like Poe when we read him in class.

More of a happy ending, Jane Austen type. And yes, i know how gay that makes me sound.

But i can fix cars and write yaoi!

My boyfriend approves and other people should do the homework.

Thirty people.

Two lame responses.

And sadly, i believe that the second one made up most of what the class said.

Sometimes I think idiocracy really is where we are headed.

Freud, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes a moron is just a moron.

God bless the american college student, may you take classes and immediately forget what it was that you just learned.

A Fairy Tale Princess
Chuck looked at the small, hand held gaming device, rolling it over and over again in his hands. He'd found it next to a pair of all too familiar sunglasses on his pillow. The sunglasses were shoved into his desk angrily.

These couldn't be here. Bryce Larkin was dead. He'd died a month ago right before he'd gotten the new intersect stuck in his brain.

But he picked up the DS and turned it around in his hands. It had a game inserted into the game boy advanced slot. He pulled out the cartridge. Zelda.

He smiled, remembering when he'd played it back in college with Bryce. Happier days filled his mind's eye. Then he flushed. It was during Zelda when Bryce had kissed him. He'd almost forgotten about that.

They'd both been a little tipsy and on the spur of the moment they had pulled out Zelda. They traded the controller every time they died. It was one of the later levels and they were well on there way to being smashed so this happened fairly often. Not to mention the hysterical giggles seemed to get in the way.

And then Chuck had died again and he'd handed the controller over to Bryce. Bryce had looked at the controller, then him and grabbed his wrist instead. Pulling him into a searing kiss. Bryce was a good kisser.

No, Bryce was a great, amazing, sparks flying, cliched amazing kisser. They'd spent several minutes in a serious lip lock before Chuck's mind had rebooted. His conscious came back online, urgently prodding him.

"Jill!", said, squeaking, because Chuck's conscious had a high pitched squeaky voice that was hard to ignore, "Jill is your Girlfriend! This is cheating on her!"

He pulled away with an obscene wet noise; bright red.

"", he tried to say something intelligible.

"Sorry 'bout that, Chuck. Too many beers and Zelda. Thought you were the princess there for a moment", he said, then passed out on the dorm floor.

He slipped the game back in and turned on the DS, opening the game. But it didn't start out like the original. It was off somehow. He couldn't quite place it. He'd played through all the levels, remembering all the other times he's done this at the BuyMore, Morgan watching curiously over his shoulder.

All too soon he was up against Gannon and he defeated him, barely. But instead of Princess Zelda it was him. He was the Princess.

He groaned in his hands. He was not the god-damned Princess! But then he thought back to Bryce's drunken comment about how he'd thought Chuck was the Princess. He flushed and then an address flashed across the screen.

He got up and scrambled to find his keys for the Nerd Herder, hoping he'd stay ahead of Casey. He dropped his watch to the floor as he left his apartment.

157 Cherry Pine Ave. He found it and parked Four blocks away, walking quickly and quietly towards 157. And finally it was there, a small blue house with cheerful, white trim and a matching white, picket fence.

The last placed he'd have ever thought to find Bryce Larkin, spy extraordinaire. Maybe that was the point. He knocked on the door, and as he waited was suddenly stuck with the fear that this was all a set up.

somehow afraid that it wasn't. And Bryce opened the door. He was limping and pale, but he was alive. He led Chuck into a front room decorated mainly in gingham, and grimaced as he sank into a sofa. Chuck sat down as well, fidgeting and not entirely sure what to do. A large part of him still wanted Sarah, but something compelled him towards Bryce and always had.

"Really? Me as the Princess, Bryce? You could have just told me", he said in annoyance. Bryce grinned at this and got out of the sofa quicker than he'd sat down in and sank into the sofa next to Chuck, pulling him into a hug.

"I've wanted you for so long. Since i first met you. God, you have no idea how i felt about you. And i was so jealous of Sarah. She stole you away while i wasn't looking. Then she wouldn't leave", said Bryce, voice filled with desperation, "Then i was presumed dead again. All i could see was the horror in your face as you watched me bleed. And i swore I'd tell you if i ever got the chance."

"I'm not sure exactly how i feel about you Bryce. But there's something big there i don't quite understand", said Chuck quietly, "and i want to find out what it is."

"I've got you Chuck", said Bryce as he held Chuck tighter, "and now I'm never letting go." And then he pulled him back and kissed him. It was better than the first time. No alcohol or noisy video games or passing out. Chuck melted into the kiss gladly. When they pulled up for air Bryce spoke.

"You know Chuck, this may annoy you, but in Zelda, you were always the Princess." They both dissolved into laughter. Chuck might not be much of a Princess, but life was definitely looking up.

Tempus Chapter 8
"Welcome to Eureka, Zane Donovan", said the general to the scowling dark haired man.

"I didn't ask to be here", he said grumpily.

"It's either this or jail. This is what you chose", he said, "Now here's what we want you to work on."

He opened a lab door. Inside there was an imposing machine and random parts scattered about.

"We need you to crack into this and figure out how to work it", he said, handing the young man a file.

"Wait, this is created by Daniel Tempus? Do you realize how brilliant that guy is? He's so brilliant he turned down the Nobel Peace Prize, five times", he said.

"That's why we're giving it to you. You're notoriously good at cracking open things that shouldn't be able to be opened", said the general as he left the lab, "Dr. Daniel Tempus works here now."

"So why can't he crack it open", asked Zane.

"He doesn't want to", said the general, "So we had to confiscate it. He almost quit."

zane blinked and he was alone with the machine and his thoughts.


He slumped on the floor, defeated. After the second time it electrocuted him he was ready to throw in the towel with this particular approach. The thing was a fortress, on one but Dr. Daniel Tempus was going to get into this thing. Maybe he could pick Dr.Tempus's brain, become friends with him, learn how he thought.

But upon meeting Dr. Tempus, all thoughts of picking his brain flew out the window. He was hot and brilliant, and he had this innocence about him that was downright drool worthy.

"Uh, hi. I'm new. Do you know how to get out of here and find some real food? I'm totally lost", said Zane to Jack, going for the innocent don't know who you really are scheme.

It worked, the Doctor brightened and offered to show him out and take him to a cafe in town for dinner. They had reached the cafe and found a booth.

"So, you never told me your name or your specialty", said jack with a smile.

"Zane Donovon. Astro-physics", he said, trying to keep it simple, "and i never did ask you your name either."

"Daniel Tempus, but everyone calls me by middle name, which is Jack", he said.

Zane pretended to look suitably stunned.

"Wow, here i am eating dinner with a celebrity. I'm a big fan. Still, you seem like a totally nice, normal guy. That's pretty rare for the big names in science to not have totally overblown egos."

Just as he suspected he was met with a pleased look and a blush.

"thanks, if you want to meet another great scientific mind without a big ego you should talk to Henry Deacon. Though I'd avoid Nathan Stark, he's the Director of GD. I'm suprised his ego fits in this town some days", said Jack with a grin.

They went into a discussion on string theory for a time until Zane stopped mid sentence.

"OK, here's the deal. I really, really like you. And i want to go out on a real date with you, Jack. You're funny, brilliant, and hot", sad Zane, "Would you want to?"

Jack was taken aback by this.

"You do? Really?", he said, bewildered.

"Very much so. You're really oblivious", said Zane, "I thought i was being obvious."

Jack blushed again and mumbled something about human interactions.

"So, how about tomorrow night, here?", asked Zane, "at about 7? If you really want to make a date i could pick you up."

Jack smiled and said, "I'd like that. Pick me up at 6:40? Here's my address."

He scribbled it on a napkin and handed it to Zane, then he picked up the check. They spent the next few minutes chatting and then they both went on there way.

"So, Zoe, i just wanted you to know that i kinda sorta have a date tomorrow night", said Jack nervously to his daughter. "Really?! With who? Is it with Allison? I'll bet it's with Allison", she said excitedly. "'s with someone new at GD", he said tentatively, "and it's with a guy." He waited for an explosion of outrage and braised himself for impact. She hugged him happily. "I'm so glad! I thought you were going to be alone forever", she said as she was hugging him. "What? No freak outs? Or endless questioning", he asked. "Aunt Lexy told me all about your boyfriend in college. She even showed me a picture", she said, "It's not like i didn't know. Besides, i pride myself with my open mindedness." "I'm glad. I was just worried. And I'm not sure how the town will react", he said. "It seems like Eureka's pretty open about stuff like that. They are the greatest minds of our generation", she said wryly, "if you ask them they'll probably start babbling about the Kinsley's scale or something." "You're probably right", said jack in agreement."

he sat, twiddling his thumbs nervously, on the couch at 7:35. this was the nerve racking part of dating, the waiting beforehand. He had wisely let Zoe pick out his outfit so he wasn't worried that he looked strange or anything.

"There is someone at the door, Jack. I have never seen him before, but in all probability he is your date for tonight", said S.A.R.A.H. "Thanks, S.A.R.A.H. Please open the door for me", said Jack as he started for the door. And there was Zane peering inside of the Bunker.

"Well, it's a lot nicer on the inside than the outside", he said. "thank you", said S.A.R.A.H. And he started. "Don't mind S.A.R.A.H, she's the house A.I.", said Jack as the door shut behind him. "You have a smart house inside a bunker? That seems a little bit paranoid", said Zane, one eyebrow raised.

"It's for Dr.Fargo. I'm his guinea pig for S.A.R.A.H. His specialty is artificial intelligence", said Jack, "and for causing large explosions." "I'll keep that in mind", said Zane as they got into the car. They made it to Cafe Diem quietly and got a table for two in the back.

It wasn't until Jack ordered something besides his usual, simpler fare that Vincent started giving him odd looks. And when Zane ordered wine he received a knowing look that meant his date would be intense gossip as soon as he was out of earshot.

Nathan was driving home from work when his phone off. He hoped it wasn't an emergency, he was bone tired. It was Allison so he answered it. "Yes Allison? Is something wrong?", he asked. "Just thought you would want to know the latest news. Apparently, one Dr. Daniel Tempus is on a date tonight with our newest astro physicist, Zane Donovan. At Cafe Diem", said Allison. Stark's brain froze.

On one hand that meant that jack like men as well as woman, on the other hand that meant that jack was on a date with someone else. "He's on a date with some guy? What do you know about him?", he asked her.

"Not much. He's new. He's young and handsome though. And probably very, very brilliant. Vincent was all atwitter about how well they fit together. Also how jealous he was." Stark ground his teeth together in frustration, this would throw a wrench in all of his plans.

"So, was it a success?", asked Zane at the end of the date, "If so, i would really like to do it again. And if not, tell me what i did wrong so that next time I'll do something different."

Jack grinned as they got into the car.

"well, i don't know about you, but i had a great time. Except for the whole town pretending not to stare at me", said jack, "Other than that it was really nice."

"Well, then, i could make dinner at my place. My mom has a killer recipe for lasagna that i could try to recreate", said Zane, "that and a salad and you've got yourself a meal."

"That sounds good, i think I'd enjoy that. What day is good for you", asked jack, glancing at his watch.

He needed to get home to Zoe soon.

"Not tomorrow, how about day after", said Zane", and i wouldn't say no to running into you on accident in the GD cafeteria."

jack smiled; it was a great plan.

"day after tomorrow dinner at your place and accidental lunch meeting tomorrow", agreed Jack, "Sounds good to me."

"7 for dinner and 12:30 for lunch?", asked Zane and Jack nodded.

Then they were pulling up to the bunker.

"Thanks for the date, Zane, i actually had a good time", said Jack as he went to open the door.

A hand on his shoulder stopped him and he was pulled into a short yet fierce kiss. As Zane pulled away, smug look affixed on his face, he said a mild goodbye. As he drove off, still feeling rather smug, he congratulated himself on his awesome date. Oh, but before he forgot. He pulled out his phone.

"Hey, Mom. How are you? How do you make a perfect lasagna?", he asked.

"Who're you trying to impress, Zane? Found someone already in your new hometown? What're they like", asked his mom.

"Mom, first i have to impress him with lasagna, see if he sticks around, then I'll introduce you", he said impatiently.

"You'd better. And he'd better be nice to you, Zane. I may love you, but you never did have the best taste when it came to dates", she said with a sigh.

"He's a brilliant, award winning scientist who somehow stayed humble and funny", said Zane, "You'll like him. Now, lasagna..."

Zane popped his head into Dr. Tempus's lab.

"Ready for our accidental lunch date, Jack?", he asked the scribbling scientist.

"I was just about to head down after finishing this line of code", he said, "give me a second."

He stopped writing after a few moments and he set down the dry erase marker on one of the counters. They both walked down the hall slowly, both talking avidly about their research. They both got food and jack broke the topic of family.

"Oh, i never told you, i have a daughter named Zoe", he said, "She goes to Tesla."

"wow, she must be really smart", said Zane, "And hopefully the next thing you're about tell me isn't that you're married."

"Divorced. Before i ever even heard of Eureka", said Jack, "so no worries there."

then jack told him all about her and Zane told him all about his mom and sister. When they looked at the clock more than an hour had past, which startled them both. And both rushed back to their labs.

Zane gave the general a call.

"Sir, i can't get this thing open, I've tried. And now it goes against my best interest too. I'm dating Dr. Tempus, and i don't intend to quit dating him any time soon", he said to the startled general.

"I didn't realize that a conflict of interest would arise", said the general slowly, "I'll transfer it somewhere else and you can get on with your research, Dr. Donovan."

Zane sighed in relief, he knew that he had gotten rid of something that could potentially bite him in the ass.

Story idea/rough draft thing. Read it and tell me how bad it is and what i should change please?
I looked down at the ring sitting on the ground, all unassuming innocence. It was large and chunky silver with a slash of deep blue, lapis lazuli maybe, going across the face of it and speckles of diamonds that made it look like the night sky. I picked it up hesitantly. I was unsure of what to do. It was obviously old and valuable and I surely didn’t know to whom it belonged to, but it seemed important. Special even. I grasped it in my calloused hand and debated.

I could use the money if I pawned it. It could pay this month’s rent and I had just lost my job. I stared at it longingly but I knew what I had to do. I walked to the nearest police station and entered the grimy, angry, crowded place nervously. I stopped at the front desk where a harried woman in uniform barked curse words over an off white, abused looking telephone. She hung up violently and gave me a suspicious glare.

“I found it in the gutter. It looked valuable so I figured someone must have dropped it or lost it and was really looking for it”, I said to her and dropped the piece on the counter. She was surprised. Shocked at something I had said? I shrugged and turned to leave.

“Wait”, she cried after I’d only gotten two steps away, “this was reported missing. You need to fill out a report on where you found it.” She smiled at me. Her entire demeanor had changed. It was a rusty smile, but a genuine one. I smiled back and accepted the paperwork. I pulled a pen from my worn jacket pocket and set down my dusty backpack. I tried to find a comfortable spot on the unforgiving, puke orange chair I sat down in. I filled out the paperwork with a sigh and handed it back to her. Another smile exchange and I was out of there.

I hated crowds and angry ones were much worse. I got home soon after and sprawled on my bed listlessly. It had truly been a long, tiring day. I pulled my lyre from my backpack and began finger picking across the strings softly, coaxing a sweet sound from its worn, battered body. My fingers were sore from practice, but I continued. It was the only beauty in this grey existence.

I awoke with a start what must have been sometime later. I’d fallen asleep with all of my clothes on, my instrument clutched in one sweaty hand. Someone was pounding on my door demandingly. I leapt up, lyre in one hand and went to answer it. It was a well-dressed man with a sharp suit that probably cost more than the entire building. You could see the money signs rolling off of it. I recognized him immediately. It was impossible not to. Lord Vladimir, the Duke of Symbalia.

The King’s little brother; a man cloaked in fame, fortune, mystery, and rumor. He was standing at my doorway with an amused look on his face as I gaped at him. No one expects this man to be at their doorstep, at least not someone like me. I invited him quickly inside to my humble, messy apartment. “Are you Traver Dulliae? I’m looking for him”, he said, though we both knew that he was aware that I was Traver. But I nodded dumbly as he gave me an intense stare.

“You found a ring yesterday, yes?” he asked, and I nodded again, “it was mine, I thank you for returning it. It is quite valuable. More valuable than you probably realize. What you do not realize, however, is the fact that my ring cannot be lost or stolen. It can only be called. And then that caller is tested. If they fail, life goes on as normal. But if they triumph, things change. Things change greatly. And you, Traver, you have passed. So now things will be very different.” My brow crinkled in confusion.

“What would you want with a guy like me?” I asked him, “I dropped out of University and I can’t hold a job. I have no friends of importance. I have nothing valuable, no skills or feats.”

“But you do. You have a skill you do not even realize. Tell me about your family”, he said with an amused look on his face again. Or maybe it had never left, I wasn’t sure. “My mother was a journalist for the Starvashia Times. I don’t know who my father is. My mother never told me, but I know they were married for only a week. It’s always been one of the great mysteries in my life”, I explained.
“Your father was Apollo, god of the Sun, of music, and of Prophesy. My mother is Aphrodite, goddess of Love. The gods do not have many children worthy of being a hero anymore. You have proven yourself pure of heart and so you shall join us and receive your inheritance”, said the duke.

I wanted to laugh at him, but he seemed so serious and so sure of what he was saying. He barely even gave me an explanation, and here he seemed sure that I would believe him. But it was crazy; I was not some son of a god, though my mother had been obsessed with Greek mythology, so I knew all the stories. Apollo, the twin of Artemis the hunter, could not be my father. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. The ease in which I picked up music.

My tall frame and my gold colored hair. How I knew things before they would happen. How I loved to lie out in the sun when it shone. It made a strange sort of crazy sense, but it was still impossible. Gods and goddesses didn’t exist. I rolled my eyes at him and told him what I thought, which is what always got me into trouble.

“I’m sorry Mr. Duke, sir. I’m not sure what to call you, but you’re crazy. Gods don’t exist and I’m certainly not the son of one”, I said with my air of disbelief. He chuckled after I had spoken and I glared at him, forgetting his station for a moment. Then it dawned on me that this man could make my life even worse than it is right now. I wanted to smack my head upon the nearest surface.

“Just come with me to meet your father and that will be proof enough”, he said with that annoying amused smirk. If I went and he was proved wrong it would all be solved. But what if he was a serial killer or something? I resolved to go with him; I was really curious as to what constituted proof to the existence of gods. He ushered me into a large, black limousine. The driver gave me an amused look I couldn’t decipher. We rode through the poor parts of town quickly and emerged into middle class and finally into the uber rich part of town.

I’d lived in this city my entire life and I’d never been to this section, ever. We approached one of the intimidating structures these people called houses and got out. I gulped. I hadn’t expected him to bring me here. It was definitely not a good place for a guy dressed like me. I was just short of a beggar, and here I was, at the threshold of a magnificent mansion. We went in and I was assaulted by reds and pinks of every hue. “Sorry, my mom’s colors. They take some getting used to”, he said, his dark hair shaking with laughter, “He said he would meet us in the study soon.”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me away. I’d find out what was going on soon enough if he didn’t pull my arm off. I just wanted to know what was going on, that wasn’t too much to ask, was it? We entered a masculine study. Dark red leather walls, books, and the faint scent of cigar smoke. He sat me down in an armchair and plopped himself in the recliner behind a desk. A flash of light startled me and I jumped. All I achieved was falling out of the chair landing on the floor.

“Are you ok, my son? That looked like a nasty fall. I didn’t mean to startle you”, said a voice from where the flash had come from. A man came into my view. He looked too much like me. He offered me a hand up and I took it numbly. “It’s good to finally meet you. I’m glad that I finally can. So many rules and regulations”, said the blond man, bouncing excitedly. This was my father? He acted more like a hyperactive puppy on crack. But he was glowing faintly as he chattered on. “I have gifts for you. As my son you are entitled to certain privileges, plus special gifts I give only to you. As my son you gain a title and lands, but I also give you these three things”, he explained overly joyfully, still bouncing.

He pulled from nowhere a silver lyre. It was, by far, the most beautiful instrument I’d ever seen. I cupped it in my hands and set it to playing position involuntarily. It was perfectly balanced; everything an instrument was supposed to be.

“When played it will make everyone who hears it utter the truth”, explained Apollo, for I was convinced he was a god. This lyre could only have come with a supernatural source. Then he handed me a cell phone. “Divine Cell Phone of Knowledge and Prophesy. With internet and texting capabilities”, said the golden-headed man-puppy. I expected ears and a tail at any moment.

“Let me guess, he’ll prank call the gods”, said Vladimir jokingly, but with an edge of malice.
“And finally, the circlet of healing”, he intoned, setting a silver, metal circle onto my curls, “It will heal you of all ill short of death, and quickly, as long as you wear it. Wear it well. I must go now, though. I have only so much time to be with you.” He grabbed me into a bear hug and then blinded me again as he disappeared with another flash of light.

“Well, that was…………….different”, I said, lyre in one hand, divine cell phone in the other. The duke looked angry and sullen as he wordlessly led me back to the car and now to another mansion. He led me inside this one, which was all of blue and silver. “Welcome to your new home, Lord Travers. I have better things to be doing”, he spat out and turned to leave.

“Wait! Why the mood swings and sudden hate? I didn’t do anything”, I said, grabbing his arm, forgetting my place again.
“My mother gave me one gift, one useless gift. And your father seems genuinely happy to see you and gave you three gifts. My mother could barely be bothered to recognize my very existence”, he said bitterly, green eyes filled with fury and pain.

“What did she give you”, I asked, curious despite myself. He drew forth a long, white scarf. One of those Chanel affairs that men wear with tuxedos in old movies.
“It’s the scarf of adoration. While I’m wearing it any woman who sees me falls in love with me”, he said and threw it to the ground with disgust, “It’s useless and tasteless.”
“That sounds pretty useful to me”, I said, “Or for any guy in general.”
“I’m gay. My mother, who is the goddess of love, doesn’t pay enough attention to even realize her son is gay. She doesn’t even care about me. My own mother”, he said with venom. So I did the only thing I could do. I put down my things and I hugged him. I pulled him close and let him sob into my shoulder. “You are not the only one who had bad parents. I raised myself. My mother was a journalist, always gone, and I didn’t even know who my father was”, I said once his sobs had subsided, “You are not alone. I’ll be your friend.”

He drew back and looked at me as if for the first time.
“You would be my friend? You don’t even know me”, he said with his own air of disbelief.
“We’d best fix that then”, I said, “Now, you have to help me figure out this whole lord thing. It’s not something I’ve ever done before.” He nodded and we walked into what was my new home.

Everything in the manor was scrupulously clean, as though someone had polished it only minutes before. It was not dark like the duke’s had been, but was painfully bright with the light streaming out of unseen windows and sunroofs. It made the silver flash and blinded us for a moment until we got use to it. I seemed to be blinded a lot lately, and not just physically. “When you were born you were registered in the hall of lords. But your father, who is known as an eccentric, if not a god, chose to have you raised as a commoner until your twenty first birthday”, said the Duke, “There was a huge uproar, but he did it anyway.”

“My birthday was three months ago”, I said, confused. “Better late than never, I suppose”, he said with a smile, still rubbing tear streaked eyes. I shrugged; I knew this would only get weirder. “They’ve been planning for you to come back soon. Your new housekeeper, who’s the most OCD person I’ve ever met, is in charge of getting you ready for society. Good luck with her, she’s a beast”, he said with a sigh, “You’ll need a new wardrobe and everything that goes with that. Don’t let them bully you too much; everyone who works here has a fixed view on what the son of Apollo should be. Just feel lucky your parent isn’t Zeus of Athena or Ares, and then you’re expected to go kill monsters in your spare time.”

“What do you do then”, I asked. “Matchmaker. I try to make life easier by bringing love to all”, he said, voice filled with sticky, sweet sarcasm. “What’s my job”, I asked, eyebrow raised. “Well, your father is god of The Sun, prophesy, healing, knowledge, archery, cattle, music, medicine, and the muses. Sp you are in charge of inspiring artists, scientists, doctors, and musicians, as well as contributing things of your own to these fields. You have a broader job title than me. You go around and work on all these things. Sounds like a more interesting job than mine, anyways”, he said with rolled eyes.

We entered into a main entry way, silver steps going up to a landing. The floors some sort of shiny, blue stone set in dizzying patterns. A middle aged woman, who was severely thin, stood at the top and smiled at me brightly.

“Lord Travers, you are the spitting image of your father”, she said gladly, “I have looked forward to you coming for three months now.” She glared at the Duke, as though the delay were his entire fault. “Now, we’d best clean you up and get you ready for what life’s about to throw at you”, she said, leading me towards another door, “Your friend can come visit later.” She glared at the duke again. She really didn’t seem to like him at all. I waved goodbye to Vladimir helplessly as she dragged me away. He rolled his eyes and told me he’d be back in the evening. “I’m Cynthia, your housekeeper. I’ll get you cleaned up and see if you’re knowledgeable in all the things a lord and a son of Apollo should know”, she said with exasperation, “If only he’d have brought you home younger.”

“You know my father? And I’m smart; I just don’t do so well in school. I get bored”, I explained sheepishly. “I expected as much. That’s your father’s influence. Smartest god in the pantheon, but not enough patience to help; I swear the man had ADHD”, she said with a shake of her head, “But he’s good and he tries to help. Hopefully your mother’s the calmer type. Is she joining us soon?” “She died three years ago, right before I went to college”, I said sadly, “so she won’t be joining me.”

“Oh dear, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know”, she said, patting my arm awkwardly, “Well, off to the shower with you, a nice, warm shower always cheers me up.” She shoved me into a bathroom and closed the door with a harsh click. The blue and silver motif extended here as well. It was large enough to be a house all its own. One side was a shower, and set close to it was a set of clothes, sweats and such, and the largest towel I had ever seen. I still wasn’t one hundred percent convinced this was all real, but I was still in yesterday’s clothes and I was dusty and sticky and just gross in general. I still had my gifts to deal with as well. I set them on the lavish sink top and hopped into the shower.

Pulling on sweats and grabbing my gifts, I opened the door meekly. “Good. You need a haircut and measuring for a new wardrobe”, she said, pulling a lock of my shaggy hair. “Just a trim. I like my curls”, I said, trying to pull my hair from her iron grasp. “Very well. Just a trim”, she said, rolling her eyes. “And no ties. Comfortable clothes. Jeans and t shirts”, I said quickly; I was not prepared for the three piece power suit I’d seen the Duke in.

“You will need suits for when you meet the other lords”, she said pleadingly. “I get to veto any suit I don’t like”, I said, relenting despite my resolve to keep free of the things. She sighed but agreed and pulled me towards a new room. A small, raised platform surrounded by mirrors; a fancy man’s dressing room. Great. This was going to be worse than shopping. The fitting became a blur of colors in a matter of minutes. Measuring and comparing.

At least my so called personal designer liked how I looked in jeans; though he seemed to think that button down shirts were the best thing ever. I grumbled, but he at least seemed to think ties looked silly on me, so I put up with it. The suits were still torture, but I managed to find a couple that were comfortable while still looking stylish and expensive. I hated to think about how much all of this cost and how they were being paid for. The worry on my face must have shown, because in a lull of energy, Cynthia told me that money would never be a problem for me again. I was unconvinced, but realized I had more important things to be worried about.

I finally escaped to what was supposed to be my room. I actually liked it. It was in blue and black, a nice change from the constant blue and silver. It was primarily blue and simple in design. I relaxed for the first time since this whole crazy affair had started. My closet had already been filled with new clothes and my gifts had mysteriously appeared on individual stands.

A knock sounded on the door and Cynthia appeared. “Lord Vladimir to see you, sir”, she said with a sniff of disdain. “Please let him in”, I said, glad to have a friend nearby. A few moments later he came in, fortunately in jeans and a t shirt. Wherever we were going was casual. “I’m going to introduce you to my brother”, he said.

That was the understatement of the year. His brother was the King. The king of the country. “I’m going to meet your brother”, I asked, shocked and surprised at the thought of meeting the king. The duke was flipping through my new wardrobe. He threw a pair of dark jeans at me and a red button up. “Get dressed so we can go”, he said and then left the room.

I emerged a few minutes later, feeling weird in my new clothes. The Duke grabbed me and pulled me away again. He really seemed to like dragging me around everywhere. Into the car with the amused driver again and off towards the very center of the city. The palace. We were already very close and it took little time to get through the imposing gates and into the actual palace. If you were not someone of means or fame, you didn’t get into this castle.

You looked at it from afar wishing you could get in as I had done my whole life. I felt jittery and nervous as the Duke once again dragged me somewhere new. The rooms here were even more luxurious than the ones in the mansions, which I had not thought possible. Than we entered a small (small compared to the other rooms in this castle anyways) dining room where a man I’d seen on national television sat as servers brought elegant food to the table.

“This is my brother, King Johann. He’s wanted to meet you. When he heard you were finally here he asked me to introduce you guys”, said Vladimir. We both sat at the table and began to eat, talking of various things. Fortunately, he was knowledgeable of music and sciences. We were able to hold a passably intelligent conversation. But something was off.

At first it just bugged at the back of my brain. But he seemed so eager to please me and get on my good side. I knew it should be the opposite. I’m not saying he should be mean, but he should not treat me as a trusted friend. And he was. No one is like that if they are smart, and he was the king, raised in what must have been a hot bed of political intrigue. Something wasn’t right, I knew that much at least.

“So, tell me about the gifts your father gave you”, the king asked me suddenly and I was taken aback, “Yes, I know you’re a demi-god, just like my brother. Don’t worry; it’s just useful for kings to have this sort of information.” I absent-mindedly told him of the lyre, the cell phone and the circlet, and he listened with rapt fascination. But it was getting late and I was starting to grow weary and yawned. “Perhaps you should both spend the night, it’s gotten later than I had anticipated”, he said with his own yawn.

I agreed quickly, I really was tired and it had been the strangest day of my life. We were led away by the servers and shown to what must have been the guest wing of the castle and shown rooms. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up feeling like my bladder would explode. There was no adjoining bathroom, so I rushed into the hallway, searching frantically for a bathroom. When I finally thought all was lost I stumbled upon one. Thank the gods. I walked out of the bathroom several minutes later and realized I had no idea of where I was. I obviously wasn’t familiar with the castle, and this was a foreign looking place compared to the guest wing. I wandered around looking for a helpful servant who might show me towards where my room might be when I heard laughter. I went towards it, thinking it must be someone who could help me, but when I grew near I grew fearful. It was the king’s voice.

“My idiot brother and the new lord have gifts that I want. My father couldn’t have had me be a demi-god, but I will be all powerful if I take these things from them. But the only way to get gifts from a demi-god is to kill them and claim them as war prize. They’re stronger and faster than me, so I’ll need a clever plan to do it. It can’t be in the castle, that’s asking for civil war, but it can’t be at their houses, they’re too protected. I came to you for advice, old friend”, he said, addressing someone I couldn’t see.

“You must lure them on a trip and get them alone. Your brother will be easy, he trusts you. But I don’t know much about this lord Travers. You’ll need to befriend him and gain his trust, when his guard is down you can strike”, said the mystery man. They exchanged goodbyes and left separate ways. This explained the weirdness at dinner, and made me wish I was back in my old apartment. The king wanted me dead. And he wanted to kill his own brother.

Also, it needs an actual name, so think on that as well......

A Time for Gifts
It was sitting on his desk. Innocent looking in green, shining paper, a red bow affixed to one corner. That in and of itself made Sheriff Carter suspicious. Nothing in Eureka was ever innocent or undangerous. There was always something waiting to explode, always something lurking around a corner. He blamed Fargo for that. He prodded it a few times, but nothing happened. With a shrug and a strange look from Jo he pushed it hastily into one of the drawers in his desk.

He’d deal with it later, right now he just wanted to relax on one of the rare days when the town wasn’t going all to hell. Besides, it was snowing gently outside, which was nice. Los Angeles never had a white Christmas. And he really did like Christmas.

And Eureka really went all out for Christmas, it was only December first, and already the place was filled with lights and wreathes and candy canes….the list went on and on, whomever was in charge of decorating Eureka for holidays liked Christmas, maybe even too much.

He entered Café Diem happily, ready for his second caffeine fix of the day. S.A.R.A.H’s coffee just couldn’t hold a candle to Vincent’s. The bell jingled merrily and he couldn’t help but smile. He really did love Christmas. He ordered a vinspresso and sat down at the bar to wait for it patiently.

“Ah, Sheriff, I was wondering if you received my gift yet? I left it on your desk. Green paper, red bow, can’t possibly miss it”, said a voice from behind him.

He turned to see Nathan Stark standing there.

“Uh…… yes, I haven’t opened it yet, but I did get a package on my desk that fits that description. Now I know not to open it. It’s probably something dangerous”, remarked Jack bitterly, the man just would not leave him alone. It was odd, and he couldn’t figure it out. The man just would not stop. He didn’t seem to take any hints.

“Well, Sheriff, I can assure you it’s nothing you can’t handle”, said Nathan with a huge smirk, green eyes twinkling like the lights outside. Jack’s coffee arrived and he quickly left, back to the safety of his office.

“He still hasn’t figure it out, has he Dr.Stark”, said Vincent with a sigh, “I think you’re just going to have to tell him. He’s not exactly the world’s greatest detective.”

The next day another present was sitting on the edge of Jack’s desk. It was larger than the last one, wrapped in iridescent, white paper and a green ribbon. A quick glance from Jack proved that it was in fact from Nathan. It joined the first gift in the bowels of his desk with a hurried shove. Jo watched curiously as he did so, and he frowned at her before returning to his much hated paperwork.

At least it was better than dealing with Nathan Stark’s most probably booby trapped gifts. Though the guy could wrap a gift very nicely. Jack’s usually ended up looking mangled. He sighed and started the next page. There was really too much paperwork in this science dominated town. He felt like banging his head against his desk, but resisted.

Jo would just tell the entire town that he was going crazy or something equally foolish. He did like his deputy, but she kind of did drive him crazy much of the time.

The next day there was another gift. This was turning into an unfortunate pattern. It too was from Nathan, and it too was shoved into his desk, though this time with some violence. It hit the gift that had come the day before and started to twinkle.

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas, may your days be light. From now on all our troubles are out of sight.” Over and over and over again. Jack could feel a migraine coming on. This was obviously some sort of torture device that the scientist wished to visit on the poor abused sheriff. He massaged his forehead and had déjà-vu; he wanted to bang his head on the desk, again.

He finally relented and pulled all three gifts out of his desk. The last one was slightly squashed and still belting out the same tune line again and again. Though it seemed to be going slightly off key, which wasn’t helping the headache any. He opened the last one first in the hopes of figuring out how to turn the wretched thing off.

The paper peeled away reluctantly, as he tried to shed it. Now that he had resolved to open the thing, he wanted it done as quickly as possible, and with less noise. He swore the thing was getting louder. He managed to pry the thing loss and inspected it, and turned it off finally.

It was actually rather nice. A snow globe of the angel’s stadium from back home, with the figure of a be-winged baseball player in the familiar uniform of the Los Angeles Angels. He set it on his desk, it was actually really nice. The next one was quickly unwrapped, and he stared at it in wonder.

It was a jacket. A nice, expensive looking jacket of butter soft leather, the kind you saw at the mall and always wanted but never seemed to have enough money to ever buy. He petted it softly with a fond smile on his face that quickly turned into a frown. Why would Nathan Stark send him expensive gifts? It made absolutely no sense.

He didn’t notice the looks he was receiving from Jo as he frowned and stroked the gift. She grinned suddenly and quickly left with a quick excuse thrown behind her about retrieving coffee from Café Diem. He shrugged, only half listening to the feeble excuse. His mind was on other things, like the complex plot that this was turning into. What the hell was going on? Jo entered the Café and motioned Vincent over. Vincent walked over quickly looking highly interested.

“He finally opened the gifts”, she said, “I about did it myself when the music wouldn’t stop, but he did it. He’s close to figuring it out. You should have seen the look on his face while he was trying to figure out why Dr.Stark would send him gifts he would actually like.”

Vincent handed her the vinspresso he instantly knew she’d have order had she come in for something other than gossip. They whispered for several more and then she left to go back to the office, a pleased look on her face. Vincent quickly fished the phone out from his pocket and placed a call to Nathan Stark. Nathan picked up quickly.

“Dr.Stark, I thought that you should know that Sheriff Carter finally opened your gifts. According to Jo, he’s puzzling over why you’d send him gifts. I really think you should just go talk to him, instead of this whole charade”, he said. A shadow fell over him.

“Dr.Stark has to tell me what, Vincent? What Charade are you talking about”, said Jack, standing right behind him, looking furious.

Vincent froze. This was bad. This was horrendous.

“Fine, I’ll go talk to him myself”, said Jack angrily, “This whole thing has gone on long enough.”

He turned and strode out in a huff.

“Um, Dr.Stark…..he heard me talking to you, and now he’s coming to yell at you. I’m really, really sorry! I didn’t know he was right there”, said Vincent in a panic.

“It’s alright. It has gone on long enough, I’ll talk to him and tell him everything when he gets here”, said the rumbling voice of Nathan Stark from the other end of the phone. They exchanged quick good- byes and Nathan Stark sat back, waiting patiently for a certain Sheriff to come storming into his office any moment.

Sure enough he arrived a few minutes later, a look of concentration, confusion, and anger apparent on his handsome face. He knocked on the door and Nathan invited him in gravely.

“What’s going on Stark? First, you send me all these really great, expensive gifts, and then I overhear a conversation of Vincent’s that’s obviously about me to you, one that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But it obviously meant that you were keeping something from me. Something pretty damn big, and I want to know what that is right now”, he said angrily at Nathan, who was sitting there calmly while the shorter man ranted. He leaned back as Jack’s words came to a halt.

“That truth of the matter, Carter, is that I’m very attracted to you. I was trying to give you gifts so that you would think of me fondly instead of how you do so now. Obviously, that didn’t work, so now I’m trying the only approach that will probably work. I’m simply telling you how I feel”, he said softly, looking at Jack cautiously.

Jack looked startled and leapt from the chair and out of the room before Nathan could say anything else. He watched the Sheriff go sadly, and let his forehead hit his desk with an audible thump. It was not a good day to be Nathan Stark.

Turn About
Stark watched as the Sheriff entered his lab. He saw the Sheriff turn red then white and practically sprinted away. Nathan Stark was not amused, not at all.

Obviously it was some sort of joke at his expense as it was so many other times. It was infuriating that a man with an IQ of only 111 could get such a rise out of him. He shrugged it off and went back to his experiment.

He ented Cafe Diem a tad grimy, but in triumph. The plasma had reacted well and with less backspray than expected. He sat down and ordered a scotch on the rocks and Vincent's special in celebration.

"Ah, now i see what's gotten my brother so jumpy", said a voice behind him.

It sounded familiar but he couldn't quite place it. He turned to see Lexy Carter with the bulge of pregnancy giving an amused look.

"and how do i make out good sheriff so very jumpy today", he asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Well, my brother likes his women short, sassy, and curvy and his men tall, dark, and nerdy", she said with a chuckle, "It must have scared the crap out of him to see you look like that."

Nathan looked down at his old cargo pants and t-shirt.

"I was doing a messy experiment that i didn't want to get all over one of my suits. These are just some old things from college", he siad, toying with the edge of his shirt.

"Old tattered cargo pants, beat up converse, and a shirt proclaiming what would spock do is pretty nerdy, but add the glasses and you're perfect", she said, her grin growing even wider.

"these are a recent invention of mine", he said, adjusting his glasses, "and i hardly think sheriff carter would find me attractive."

Lexy opened her purse and pulled out a tablet and tapped on it for a few moments. Then she handed it to him. It was a folder labeled Jack-College Years. He opened it and flipped through. He was suprised, there were several different pictures in various stages of entaglement with several very nerdy looking guys. Some of them he even recognized, though none of them worked in Eureka.

"that's Dr. Charles Jendar, he's a world famous organic cemist", he said pointing to a photo.

"Like i said, tall, dark, and nerdy. And right now you fit it perfectly. He was probably already attracted to you, but this must have slammed him in the face to see you like that", she said, "and now i have to go tease him about it relentlessly.

Lexy left, gloating, and Nathan Stark thought very, very hard. He'd never really thought of Sheriff Carter as interested in guys. He was the quinessential straight, white male. And Nathan knew he'd be lying to himself if he said that he'd never not noticed how well the Sheriff filled out his uniform. Besides, who could resist a man in uniform?

But it had just been admiration, since anything else was really impossible. And he'd never even imagined that Carter would be attracted to him. But knowing what he did opened up doors he'd never knew existed. And now that he thought about it, many of the arguments they'd had were filled with subtle flirting behind the insults.

And the man was loyal, hardworking, obviously caring, and very attractive. He could do much worse. And he had boxes of clothes from college. He certainly didn't need to wear his suits now that he was just a researcher. Nathan Stark made up his mind right then and there, he would get jack Carter. He was fun to argue with anyways.

Jack walked into the lab to see one of the most amazing things ever. Nathan Stark dressed like a college nerd. He flushed red and then realized who he was drooling over. He turned white and rushed from the room. Allison could tell Stark about Fargo's latest screw up.

He drove straight to Cafe Diem and ordered an extra large Vinspresso with whipped cream. He drained it and ignored how it scalded his tongue as it went down. He felt immeadiatly better.

"wow, i haven't seen him do that in years, he only does that when he's really, really flustered", said Lexy, "The last time i saw him do that was the day he met his ex-wife."

jack glared at his sister and ordered another vinspresso for the road. Fortunetly, there were no impending disasters when he arrived at the office. He sipped this vinspresso slowly while he filled out the huge back log of paperwork, He'd thought the Mashall Service had too much paperwork, but they had nothing on Eureka.

They had forms you filled out when a mutated animal attacked, for things involving spiders, and a form for large carnivourous plants. He began to feel better until Lexy entered with a huge grin on her face.

"I figured out what got you so flustered", she said proudly, "I saw Nathan Stark in Cafe Diem. He looks good in glasses, doesn't he?"

Jo's head popped up at the sound of that.

"what's all that about, Lexy", she asked his sister curiously.

"As i always say, Jack likes his women short, sassy, and curvy, and his men tall dark and nerdy. And Nathan Stark was looking very tall, dark, and nerdy today", said Lexy, practically crowing.

Jack groaned and let his head fall to his desk with a thud. He should have never sent Lexy any pictures of him from college, ever. Nerver ever ever. He looked up and was scared by the interest in his deputy's eyes.

"Well, that's very interesting", said Jo, "I had no idea you were"

Both women grinned and he groaned. This was not good, not good at all. He needed to avoid Stark.

Unfortunetly, this was impossible since the next day disaster struck. While clones are indeed cool in science fiction, they are not so cool when you are the one that had to contain them. Especially when they are clones of a certain Douglas Fargo.

Naked clones of Douglas Fargo. And Jack had to team up with stark to defeat them. And Stark was very distracting. He wished that the scientist would go back to his suits and ties. Because Nathan stark in ripped baggy jeans and a rumpled plaid shirt was very, very distracting.

He fled as soon as the last clone was contained, trying to preserve dignity and sanity, for he feared he was losing both.

Nathan watched as the Sheriff fled in amusement. Jack carter had never been very good at lying, and he was an open book emoitionally once you started to pay attention.

All during the Fargo clone incident (FCI) Carted had been taking glances at him. Admiring glances. Admiring glances that made his ego sing with delight. He just needed to corner the skittish Sheriff and kiss the man into oblivion. Which sounded fun; maybe he could take the rest of the day off and do just that.

He's tracked his down to his house, and S.A.R.A.H. Let him quietly. Jack watched him form the couch suspiciously. A football game was playing on the tv, and a beer and a box of pizza was on the end table.

"you've been avoiding me", he said tartly, "and i know why."

Jack froze, pizza dangling from his fingers.

"I had a little chat with your sister about your college years. But really Jack, Dr.Jendar" He's a totaly ass", said Nathan with a sigh.

"charlie isn't nearly so bad outside of a laboratory, which i'm betting you've never seen him out of", Jakc seemed to say automatically, then gave nathan a skeptical look, "You don't seem terribly upset by this revelation."

Nathan sat down on the couch, close to where Jack was perched.

"I'm not repulsed by the idea. I must admit that I'd have gone after you if I'd thought you were even vaguely interested in me", said Nathan as he slid closer.

Jack scooted back a bit, eyes wide with shock.

"what about Allison? The Person you asked to marry you? Again?", questioned Jack.

"she said no months ago", said Nathan, cupping Jack's chin with a hand, "and i managed to get over it."

then he kissed him, a short but passion enflamed kiss meant to show the Sheriff exactly what he meant.

Nathan Stark was kissing him. Him. On his couch. His brain wanndered off until nathan pulled away from the kiss.

"See what i mean, Sheriff", said Stark, voice just a touch deeper, "I'm quite serious about this."

And then they were kissing agian and he couldn't help but to kiss back. It grew longer, deeper, until Jack found himself on his back on the couch.

"We should either find a bed or quit now, because if we go past kissing I'm not going to stop", said the man on top of him.

"Upstairs", said Jack, trying to keep his voice normal.

Nathan was quicly on his feet pulling jack behind him. They raced up the stairs and jack shut and locked the door. Nathan yanked him and kissed him agian. This one had a sense of purpose. Nimble fingers crept up his shirt, caressing the skin beneath.

Then jack was being pushed on his back onto the bed. Stark had shifted attention th the Sheriff's chest and was unbuttoning his shirt. Then he was pushing up his undershirt and went immeadiatly for the newly bare skin. He scraped his teeth lightly along his stomach and dipped a tongue into Jack's navel. Jack squeaked then moaned and Nathan couldn't help but to chuckle.

"we'll see how you react when i do that", he said with a grumble as Nathan started to pull Jack's shirts off.

Jack went for the flannel and pulled it off and the t-shirt underneath. His hands were drawn almost magnetically to the scientist's lean chest and he explored. Nathan had not stayed passive. He drew closer to Jack and left wet kisses all along Jakc's neck. He bit lightly on one earlobe as Nathan slowly went down.

Then he pushed Nathan over and quickly straddled him. Before the man could react he kissed him, going for his belt buckle. He pulled back and started to slowly inch downward, pausing to press kisses to skin. When he reached pants and the end of Nathan's patience he paused. The man groaned in frustration and Jack's fingers played with the edge of his boxers.

"God Damn it, Jack. If you don't do something then i will", he said in frustration.

"So impatient", admonished Jack, tsking.

But he popped the button of Nathan's jeans and with Nathan's help pulled them and the boxer's off. Then he was back to kissing, though it was obviously not where Nathan wanted him to as evidenced by his curses.

Jack. Was. Driving. Him. Insane.

He was biting the inside of his thigh but he obviously wasn't going anywhere quick. Then, finally, he had rached his cock. The man seemed to enjoy taking his time and driving Nathan crazy. He licked long stripes at the base and then sucked one of his balls into his mouth.

The resulting thrust and embarrassingly loud moan caused Jack to chuckle which caused nore thrusting and moaning. Then he took the head into his mouth and slowly started to go down, sucking as hard as he could. When he'd gotten as much as he could into his mouth he suddenly plunged down, taking him down as far as he could.

Nathan cursed and squirmed, trying to thrust into his mouth. He was on his back though, and didn't really have much leverage. Jack chuckled agian, which felt amazing. Then he was bobbing his head up and down, slowly increasing the pace.

Nathan could feel an orgasm creeping up his lower spine. He tried to warn Jack but all that would come out was something that sounded like a mixture of several curse words and Jack's name, and then he came.

Jack could feel Nathan coming undone under him, and enjoyed it. When it was all over he slid back up the scientist's body for a long kiss.

"It seems like you have a little problem, Jack, maybe i should take care of it for you", said stark with a lavicious grin.

"And maybe you should hurry up", said Jack with a pointed look at his cock.

Nathan kissed him agian and said, "just remember, turn about's fair play."

Tempus Chapters
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Tempus Chapter 7
"why are all of you people in my lab?!? Get out of here", said jack to the crowd that had almost magically appeared along with the abnormally large shipping box in his lab.

Fargo's head popped into view shortly.

"Um, Sh-I mean Dr. Tempus, they just want to see this ground breaking event", he said nervously.

"How is thisground breaking? It's already been tested many, many times, This machine is two years old", he said, trying to play it off as nothing, "I will have a video feed set up so that you can watch it somewhere else. I can't have all of these people in here, Fargo, it's not safe. You need to get them out right now."

When the last eager, nosy scientist was gone he started to carefully unpack his precious machine. He lovingly put all of the external pieces on and hooked it up to the power supply. He hooked his laptop into it and got to work downloading the new program for it. He'd had to learn Fortran for it, but he could write his own base code, which allowed him to optimize the power of his invention and allowed him to read and research much faster.

"Problem solved. No more unstable matter in the next room over", said Jack to the video feed.

Then he tapped a few keys and the machine and the video feed shut off. Now he could do some research. He unhooked everything from his machine and packed it up. Just as he was closing the lid a general burst in through the door.

"What are you doing with that? That is now DoD property", he said angrily.

"I finished and shelved this project before i had ever even heard of Eureka, therefore it is mine. And even if you take it away and study it, you'll never crack it open; never uncover its secrets", said Jack, pulling out hammer and nails to secure the top of the box.

"Then i guess i'll just have to confiscate such dangerous equipment from you, Dr, Tempus", said the general, "It now belongs to the Department of Defense."

"Go for it. It's all yours", said Jack, "I have other research to be doing, preferably outside of Eureka. I quit."

The general looked worried.

"You cna't quit", he said, "You're one of the top researchers in the world!"

"You know what? I quit science all together. I'll go back to law enforcement and never publish a paper ever agian", he said gruffly.

A pained noise was heard from outside of the lab. Fargo, Taggert, and Henry rushed in, pleading Jack to reconsider. The general looked stunned.

"you couldn't give up science even if you wanted to", said Nathan Stark as he entered the room, "It's your passion, your lifes' work. Stay at Eureka, do some good in the world."

"Nathan's right. You could do so much good in this world, Jack, make so many amazing discoveries. Do not let this set you back", said Henry.

Jack looked conflicted, then defeated.

"Fine. I'll stay. Just don't ask me to crack that thing open. You're on your own. Just remove it now or i'll change my mind", he said, resigned.

Workers quickly removed the shipping crate as Jack watched with almost tears in his eyes.

Nathan kept his emotions tightly in check. All he wanted to do right now was go and comfort the man who looked as though someone had stolen his child. And i guess in a way they had. But he knew that if they could crack open the machine they could help a lot of people.

"So, what are you going to research now, mate", asked Taggert.

"I've always wanted to make a universal vaccine using nanobots or something similar", he said, still heart broken at the loss of Gertrude (yes, he named a matter re-arranger Gertrude), "But that would involve huge computing power in a nanobot. That's my next project. That and other small things. Do you think GD would be interested in something like that?"

"Very. That would be extremely useful", said Stark with a grin, "But how would you do that?"

"I don't know yet", said Jack, "But I'm sure I'll come up with something."


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